For reasons best known to them, our so-called “Environmental Activists” created a fictitious story about the Gunjur-based fish processing company.

Welcome to the world of reality!

A joint tour of Ministers of Fisheries and Environment, James Gomez and Lamin Dibba, to Gunjur found no threat to neither our environment nor to our eco-system. James Gomez told GRTS that a lab test of the water concluded that there was no toxic substances in the water contrary to claims by our E-Activists (Electronic Activists).

Shockingly, one of the viral pictures the loudmouth activists claimed to have been taken from Gunjur was verified to have been shot from Senegal’s Cassamance province and not Gunjur where the troublemakers want to shut down Golden Lead either by hook or crook. What is wrong with us?

Another mind blowing discovery by the ministers was that workers of the Chinese company earned D3,500 for twenty working days, contrary to some newspaper reports that Golden Lead workers earned only a pittance.

But what actually stunned me about the minosters’ findings is that out of 50-100 workers who load and offload fish for the company, none is Gambian. They comprise of hardworking foreigners who each earn D1,500 to D2,000 a day! In fact, one foreign teacher who goes for after school work is able to save D12,000 a month. I’m ashamed as a Gambian.

The bottom line is that our able-bodied people need to be on their feet and get to work instead of expecting the government to shower them with handouts. It is not and will not be the responsibility of any government to spoon feed her citizens. Governments all over the world create the conducive environment for their citizens to pursue individual dreams. What more do we want our government to do?

These so-called activists seriously need to pause, rethink and recalibrate their strategy. If your activism can push you into the territory of LIES and FABRICATIONS then you’re a True Devil’s Advocate; not a human or civil rights advocate. This is definitely not the type of activism we want our children to adopt.

Wandifa Sanneh



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