HalifaMy Brother Halifa Sallah, I would encourage you to go further and ACT on your letter.

The final paragraph of your letter to the INJUSTICE Minister Mama Singnateh speak volumes and I quote: “We should all become concerned and without any desire to play to the gallery, speak and act according to the dictates of conscience and the national interest. This is the way to ensure that we have a state which serves as an instrument of protection instead of an instrument of coercion.”

It was the above statement of conviction that made you go out and protest to defend the rights of the “Witches” that landed you in Yaya Jammeh’s net.

The same conviction should again drive you to give an ultimatum to the state that the arrest, remand and sham court case going on against Lawyer Darboe & Co. is illegal and should make you go out and protest to make your love for justice loud and clear. By doing so you will earn the respect of Gambians in general and the UDP in particular.

Brother Halifa, you are political scientist in your own right. As s such, you should take every political situation to score political points since you are a presidential aspirant. You are one of the oldest politicians in the Gambia. Therefore, no other politician including Yaya Jammeh should beat you in the field. I honestly urge you not to miss this historical chance of showing Gambians that you always care for all and sundry in the name of justice.

Writing this letter albeit its hesitant content is good but it is better to translate theory into practice.

Thank you for writing this piece to Mama Singnateh to discontinue the case but also remember that Madam Singnateh has a Boss who decides what she should do even if she is against it. You know very well that Jammeh is hellbent on convicting Lawyer Darboe & Co. for fear of having a strong opposition challenging him in the next elections.

By now we all know that Jammeh shut down all possible exit routes available to him and locked himself in a suicide mode and will not go down without taking with him all his real and perceived enemies both within and outside his government, his party and his political opponents.

Jammeh has declared war against Gambians and Gambians must brace up for war against Jammeh. There is no other way out of the clutches of Dictator Jammeh.

Thank you.

Deyda Haidara 



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