Bubacarr Sambou sees the Gambia first!

My brothers and sisters of Foni, I want you to all read this message from beginning to end and pass it to whoever should get it.

Before going further I want to first introduce myself so that you will know that the person writing this is not a stranger but a born citizen and true son of Foni.

I am Bubacarr Sambou a Gambian of Jarrol village origin in Foni Jarrol District. I am a Bainunka by tribe and I belong to a noble family of Sambou Kunda, the family that has been rulers of Foni Jarrol District for Centuries before and during the time of colonial rule. Seven of my ancestors served as chiefs of Foni Jarrol District. Therefore, I am indeed an original citizen of Foni.


With all due respect, I want to put to all of you that from our leaders down to every responsible person in Foni that we are not grateful to The Gambia. That we have betrayed all Gambians and if we don’t repent and apologize to The Gambia Allah will surely judge us.

Recently Foni has become almost every day news headlines not for anything but resistance to change that is inevitable. Are we really genuine to ourselves? Are we fair to our children who shall be our future? Is this the way we are going to pay the Gambians back after supporting a son of our land for 22 years?

How soon can we forget the kindness of the majority of Gambians who supported a son of our land after embarking on an unlawful coup d’état? Instead of everybody going against him and his team, they supported him to the maximum​ regardless of where he came from (Foni).

He has since then been winning elections by overwhelming majority and everybody even the oppositions then accepts it with good faith without any problem only to give peace a chance. Sometimes they are even mistreated but yet they accept results of those elections and encourage their supporters to do the same.

My brothers and sisters of Foni, how could we? Knowing full well how Yaya Jammeh came to power and get supported by all Gambians regardless of ethnicity or whatsoever because there was a need for change; how could we continue behaving as if we are ignorant of the fact that the Gambia needed changed at a time when Jammeh lost elections.

Instead of telling him the truth we defended him blindly because we thought he was a kind of god that must be worshiped forever. Then he was forced out when we thought he was unshakeable and that no human can do anything to him. Is that not enough for us to now believe that he was just an ordinary human like you and I who is gone forever and for good?

Why are we still resisting change? What is so special that Yahya Jammeh did for us that nobody can ever do for us? Nothing and you know what I mean.

In fact, during the 22 years of Jammeh’s leadership how much has the people of Foni suffered in his hands. Have we forgotten Lang Tombong Tamba who was a pride of Foni, what has Jammeh done to him? We have all seen it. Have we forgotten Bun Sanneh another pride of Foni, what has Jammeh done to him?
We have all seen it. Where is Abdoulie Kujabi, a pride of Foni, what has Jammeh done to him? We have all seen it; where is Lamin Sanneh, Ndongo Mboob, Modou Lamin Nyassi, Masireh Jammeh, Haruna Jammeh, Ebou Colley (Chief of Bondali), and many more who were true sons and daughters of Foni. We have all seen how the heartless man we are killing ourselves for dealt with them.

Have we forgotten so soon how Jammeh paraded our mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers and accused them of being witches and wizards, which was the cause of so many deaths because some of them could not withstand the humiliation.

Have we forgotten so soon how Jammeh enslaved the people of Foni by making a lot of families in Foni be without lands that they can farm because he has taken every good land he landed his eyes on. Thus forcing them all to have no choice but work on his farm in Kanilai and get paid with food stuff.

Have we forgotten so soon how Jammeh has divided us from being one people, one family and one Foni in to being tribes and villages of different classes of importance?

My brothers and sisters of Foni, can we open our eyes to see that we are in a boat that is leading us to a dark future.

Do we think that Yaya Jammeh is the only good son of Foni and no one else?

Do we want Yaya Jammeh to be the first and the last son of Foni to ever be President of The Gambia?

Don’t you think our actions today can scare Gambians so much that their minds will never be comfortable for a Foninka to rule them again regardless of tribe?

If the whole Gambia can support a son of our land when we needed their support, I call it the greatest level of ungratefulness and hypocrisy that we are resisting a change that everybody wanted. We have betrayed The Gambia and if not forgiven we shall perish.

I grew up with the belief that Foninkas don’t go against a ruling government. During the time of former President Jawara, Foni was behind him, Jammeh’s time came Foni was behind him to the extent of making the region a ‘No go area for Opposition’.

I have voted for Jammeh and his MPs in Foni since I started voting in 2001. It was only this last presidential and parliamentary elections that I changed with the conviction that change was obvious and it was the wish of all lovers of The Gambia and well wishers.

Now that there is a new President why are we still resisting and not allowing life to go on? In fact, making life uncomfortable for us the real Foninkas because a true son and daughter of Foni who is a true citizen of The Gambia will not support what is happening in Foni today.

I am not calling you to leave your party to join any other party, but what I am saying is that Yahya Jammeh is gone for good never to return as President. As a matter of fact, the new government being so lenient with APRC party to the extent of allowing us decide that we still want them as our Members of Parliament is respect enough for Foni that we should be grateful of.

If you are not concern, I am concerned​, the youths and children of Foni are concerned​ and we want our future to be guaranteed by being part of the building of a dream Gambia that will be free from torture, free from discrimination, free from “Do me I do you”, but a Gambia where no one will be judged by where you come from or the tribe you belong.

I will therefore conclude by calling all youth of Foni that we should stand against resistance and know that the Gambia without Foni is no Gambia because Foni is part of The Gambia. But we should equally know that Gambia is not going to wait/delay to grow only because Foni is still not coming. The Gambia shall prosper whether Foni is ready or not, so let us not allow ourselves to be fooled and our future be shattered because of the greediness of some people.

Our newly elected Parliamentarians of Foni, I want to challenge you all to also participate in clearing up the mess for life to return to normal because it seems our people are hypnotised. It is time for us to reconcile as brothers and sisters. I believe we will listen to you people when you speak; so speak forthwith but of the positive in the best interest of us all. Don’t be selfish because your selfishness will cost us our future. Do it for us the youth, do it for your children, do it for our women.

As I pray for justice to guide our actions to prove mans brotherhood, I remain

Your true Son of Foni.

Bubacarr Sambou



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