Well, I have seen interesting contributions on this topic but the question I want to ask the keen readers is that ‘Is it that only intellectuals were mute during monster Jammeh’s brutal regime?’

Let us remember that intellectuals by nature do not believe in violence and they can better operate in an academic-freedom environment which was completely absent. How many times have lecturers at the University of The Gambia, for example, asked for the inclusion of both lecturers and students in policy dialogues and decision making by the former regime? The fact of the matter is that there was no government during the Second Republic, it was one man who thought he knew more that the intellectuals and did not provide any room for intellectual intervention. UTG lecturers can tell how many times they had been cautioned or recorded by the NIA for discussing sensitive issues during their lectures. So to put the records straight, not all intellectuals were mute. But the platform some people would have intellectuals to used may sound they wanted to sacrifice them. So not attacking yahya jammeh openly does not mean one was silent. But those pointing fingers at the intellectuals what did they do when Dr Boro Susso was wrongfully dismissed? What did they do when Lamin Sam Jaiteh was wrongfully dismissed?

I do not think it is of any help to continue picking on the intellectuals when everyone was afraid and leaving the country while the intellectuals decided to stay to provide unwelcome services despite the harassment from their students.

My apologies if this did not go down well with anyone.

Serign Jobe


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