By SuntouBolonba Touray

Many people wonder why the venerable Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the United Democractic Party doesn’t respond to cheap personal attacks? The simple answer is that Lawyer Darboe is not one of those who want cheap popularity. He is not the type that will say or do anything reckless just to get the attention of the crowd. Count him out of the people who are in the habit of doing whatever they feel will please a certain section of the population however unprofessional such remarks are. Their goal is to be applauded.

Lawyer Darboe with ordinary people!

No matter the level of rising steam, Lawyer Darboe maintains his high demeanour, caliber of level-headedness and maturity. He is not an extrovert who approaches serious issues with pettiness or high sounding voice. He is like any cultured man that does not try to please anyone with irresponsible comments. The former United States President Barack Obama knows the value of maintaining your cool even in times of rough times. Obama was attacked personally by many racist Americans, but he does not respond to them all the time. Bravery lies in keeping your cool even when your enemies insult you.

But common sense dictates that no attack comes out of the blues. Attacks are mostly driven by jealousy​ and hatred. Senseless personal attacks on Mr. Darboe are peddled by the jealous politicians who feel threatened by the Upper Hand politician’s clout built out of 22 years of selfless sacrifice of his soul and resources. These uncultured people will even manufacture lies or make irresponsible public statements to boost their ratings. The Gambia’s Mandela is concerned about the plight of poor and needy Gambians. That is the zeal that motivates him to venture into politics at a time when the gun and barrel ruled the country. In the long and arduous fight, Darboe lost it all: close relatives, friends, political heroes and resources. Even his lawyer’s wig was threatened. But the two things that Darboe didn’t lose were faith and courage.

Hate it or love it, no amount of mudslinging will paint a gloomy picture of a man who had a consistent track record of standing for the weak and poor. Was he not the one who defended coup suspects of the 1981 putsch? Among the defendants was Yahya Jammeh’s uncle.

Let haters run with their hatred, but what they don’t know is that Gambians today are well informed and sober to be deceived by ‘streetwise’ political talk or chatter.

There is a stage in life when one needs to adjust to new realities. OJ was a Minister in the First Republic, fought battle in the Second Republic and became Minister in the Third Republic. All he needs to do is to thank and praise Allah for realising his dreams. Loose and unguarded rantings should take a backseat in his speeches, especially when the country is healing the wounds of tyranny. He may be compelled by a certain elements of his fan base, but he needs to restrain himself. Politics is a game of changing climate. He is a political father who needs​ to remain calm at all times.

OJ knows Darboe will not get personal with him because he cares about issues and not cheap personal remarks.

Let our leaders know the world is watching over them. They will soon be judged by their records. These include their public statements.

Let justice guide our actions towards the common good. I pray that nothing absolutely — not even divisive tribal politics — break the Gambia, home to people of diverse language, culture and religion.



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