We Must Take Our Country Back by Hook or by Crook!

By Mustapha Jawara

bakau3The events of April 14th and 16th were turning points in our country’s checkered history. Democracy comes with responsibilities that are non-negotiable so Jammeh cannot have the singular authority to usurp those rights without consequences. History is filled with leaders who brutalized their people, seized all their rights, created images of themselves as demigods and they all ended up dying in shame like dogs. The calabash revolution we are witnessing is a sign that our people are fed up, and their backs are on the wall, they have nowhere to go, the only option left is to confront the tyrant head on. Confrontation should be the order of the day from now on, our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters should rise up to escalate the uprising. It’s only through uprising that we will get our God-given right to freedom.

The news that is coming from the Gambia today is not only sad, pathetic and gruesome, but it is also inhuman, cruel, degrading, and un-Islamic to say it mildly. The fat beast of burden on our neck must pay for the crimes he and his ignorant cabal are committing against our people. The true sons and daughters of our country are leading this fight with vigor, heart and determination. There is no relenting, no turning back! We must not stop at the Courthouse to show our anger, but we must start the uprising with a new propensity that no Gambian ever knew before. Now, we must avenge the brutality by boycotting all his business  interests wherever they are in the country. It’s a revenge time! Let Yahya and his gang of idiots perish in the bottomless pit of hell or we all perish as Gambians. Every second he spends as the head of the country the Gambian people suffer. Nothing in that country is safe from Jammeh, not the people or the economy. So he should not be immune to the wrath coming his way.

To hear the news of the  horrific torture of defenceless peaceful protesters, broke my heart. All along I have the belief that my heart is made of steel, I am wrong, I gave up, cried to the extent of sobbing. The victims are my family, and they are your family too. It had never occurred to me that Gambian citizens would be capable of inflicting such barbaric, heinous, inhumane and cruel crimes against their own sisters, but I was mistaken. Jammeh has succeeded in turning a portion of our soldiers into brutal brainless wild beasts. They have no sense; they cannot think for themselves, they have no aspirations, and they are void of the ability to look beyond their shadows. But, their day of reckoning is nearer than they can imagine. They will account for all the atrocities they have perpetrated against innocent Gambians, and they will be shown no mercy when that time comes.

The death of Solo Sandeng and the tortures of Fatoumatta Jawara, Nogoi Njie, and Fatou Camara will never go in vain. All the chest-thumping, finger-wagging, Bilahe Walahe show of bravado is nothing but empty rhetorics full of thin air. And beneath that arrogance is cowardice. There had never lived a brave dictator on the face of this planet, they were and are all cowards. On the surface, they pretend to be in control, but that’s a way to deceive people to put terror and fear in their thinking. It’s just their modus operandi for survival. When the push comes to shove, they crawl under the bed, just like Jammeh does whenever there is a semblance of disturbance in the country.

Why would we allow this idiotic numbskull, morally bankrupt hypocrite to stay in power for one minute? It will never happen; we must stop him by hook or by crook. The Gambian people do not deserve this carnage. These macho sadistic bandits have consistently raped our women, took their dignity and tortured them to death at will without any accountability. Why? They have crossed all boundaries this time around. Fatoumatta Jawara, Nogoi Njie, and Fatou Camara are the heroines of our time. We should support and honor them after we take our country back. We should name our streets, parks, and buildings for them for they sacrificed their lives for our freedom.







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