Andy has made very good points. However, my concern is that we have seen some greedy people in diaspora who are actively making name for themselves since the victory. We have seen people coming from woodwork making frequent calls to radio stations and writing so-called expert ideas on what the coalition ought to do. Many of these people were hiding before and never wanted to be associated with the people fighting for change. Today, many of these people are writing countless articles on the media as well as contribute on Facebook just to get recognized. Well, the good news is that we know all those who are genuinely interested in change and who have contributed to this fight – privately or publicly. Nepotism will not be allowed in our country. This is a warning to all those cowards who have sprung up to make name for themselves. If you want to get position, go and have education or engage in something productive to make a living. I read all the online newspapers but I am amazed to see how hypocritical our people have become. Even if you have Phd but you refused to engage in the fight against dictatorship because of your selfish interest, you must not be allowed to have any political or Leadership position in this new government. In fact , many of our so-called intellectuals are dishonest citizens who careless about the constitution and welfare of the citizenry. Their attitude has been proven right in this fight. All the people who have lost their livelihood and lives were indigenous people with less education. This victory belongs to them. It is not about the so-called intellectuals who have paper qualifications but lack moral values and conscience to make a difference in the lives of ordinary citizens. Intellectualism is all about having a moral conscience to make positive differences in the lives of the people. This is why in advanced countries, intellectuals have become inventors and innovators of ideas which are geared towards economic and political advancement of the country. In our case, whether those intellectuals are professors at reputable universities, intellectuals with financial expertise at world bank or best Medical Doctors in the most advanced countries, they are only needed if they truly care about their fellow citizens during the difficult period of 22 years of military dictatorship. We do not need intellectuals prostitutes whose main objective is for personal enrichment and self gratification at the expense of our indigenous people. I believe that those elderly women, men and young people who sacrificed to salvage our country care more about our people far more than the so-called intellectuals who brag about memorizing western books yet they lack moral values or conscience. These ordinary people who have deep sense of wisdom and moral values worth a million times than the inteklectual prostitutes.




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