pixlrSunday was also another successful day for our great party. We proved beyond all the reasonable doubts that the United Democratic Party (UDP) is the greatest party in Gambia. Again, we had a crowd not out of frustration. We had a crowd not out of reprisal and not a hired crowd by usurping the village chiefs and government officials to force their subjects to turn out or their heads roll.

The crowd we have seen in these pictures was a crowd of conscious Gambians determined to take back their country. It was a crowd that depicts FEAR NO MORE era. A crowd capable of bringing down the Gambia’s dictatorship.

We have to give credit to the party leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe for his exceptional leadership style. It has now been proven to all and sundry that UDP is not centralised on one sole person. It is also proven that the party leader is not an egocentric person who imposes himself on leadership position as purported by his opponents.

Embracing and no nurturing diversity is the party’s goal, which is why its base is loaded with Gambians from all walks of life. Age mixed. Gender mixed. Totally diversified. The turnout of the people shows that the party can still be sustainable without our leaders. This would be credited to our party leaders. We say big thank you to you all.

But is this what we want? No. We don’t want that. We don’t want to go without our leaders. We want all our leaders to be on board to continue leading us. We still want to learn.

We want Darboe and co. to be free. We want justice for Solo Sandeng and all those who have been illegally kidnapped only to disappear in thin air. We want freedom for all political prisoners.

In order to achieve that we have to accelerate our efforts. We have to send strong message to Yaya Jammeh that he must step down. We must send him the message that he must release all political prisoners. We must send him the message that Solo’s body must be given back to us for a decent burial, which should be led by Darboe and co.

This is the UDP we know –  UDP for all Gambians, UDP for justice. With our diversity, we can set our Gambia free from tyranny.

With our FEAR NO MORE campaign, we are transferring fear to the Dictator and his cohorts. The mafia enterprise must be tumbling down with pains of struggling to accept that Change is swinging in the air. Gambia must be free.

We say thank you UDP. Thank you Serekunda/Bundung. Thank you Lawyer Darboe. Happy birthday to you. Good health and long life. Long live GAMBIA. Long live UDP. Gambia must be free. Jammeh must go.

Lamin Tunkara 



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