suntouBy Suntou Touray

A Gambian in the United States asked what the United Democratic Party (UDP) did for jailed UDP treasurer Amadau Sanneh. And the writer did not venture into what crime Amadou Sanneh was jailed for? It is like blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for the jailing of President Morsy [ousted Egyptian leader] or blaming Thomas Sankara for his killing. Who do you question when oppression is taking place against innocent defenceless citizens? The oppressed or the oppressor?

The UDP did a lot for comrade Amadou Sanneh and are continuing doing even more. Some of what we did or planned to do cannot be divulged willy nilly. But the UDP don’t have guns, neither free Amadou we need fighting men and women not pen pushers and public attention seekers. Is Sam Phatty willing to enlist and fight? I don’t think so.

The UDP will not call a unilateral protest at this juncture..with hearts disunited and eyes wide shut. We will do actions appropriate for our wider members. Amadou Sanneh himself urge such efforts. If Sam want us to call our supporters and break into Mile 2, that can be done provided we have men with rifles to defend the ordinary civilian. Amadou Sanneh is among many UDP militants oppressed: Kanyiba Kanyi, late Sedia Sanyang, late Sarjo Kunjan Sanneh, late Kebuteh, Femi Peters, late Shyngle Nyassi, and many others. Some of whom were assaulted by military and para military officers resulting to their eventual death..hence our records in fighting President Jammeh and his dictatorship is unblemished.

We can tolerate constructive criticism..and given that is what democracy is all about.

Did i hear Sam Phatty say anything on the arrest and persecution of UDP youth Secretary Solo Sandeng? Did i see any article from Sam Phatty on the recent arrest and persecution of the 14 UDP militants? Did i hear or read any article from Sam Phatty and his ilks on the current persecution of UDP press officer Lasana Jobarteh? So Sam we have been fighting our fight and we don’t need opportunist name seeking ramblers to use Amadou Sanneh as a pretend crocodile tears card.

UDP members visit Amadou Sanneh regularly just like they do with Femi Peters when he was jailed, just like they did with the 14 youths, with Solo and now doing with Lasana Jobarteh.

Fighting dictatorship is not a celebrity contest. Some of you are failing to see that. It is the poor, the weak and vulnerable who are suffering. And the UDP leadership has been standing for Gambians since 1996. We have never wavered or run from this fight. Our party leadership has defended the innocent plea of 15 party activities in the past 14 days. We deserve support and compliment not ridiculous opportunist caricature.

UDP IS READY FOR PEOPLE UPRISING BUT ARE YOU SAM? Photo opportunity Facebook posting will not scratch the surface in this fight. In the coming days UDP is hosting a lunch for our brave youths and more youths are listening for a Gambian uprising. UDP is a political party by that partisanship will stop non-members to attend a UDP general call for protest if that is what you opine.

We are reading both the dynamics of Gambian diaspora individuals and groups and Gambians at home well. No rash action young man. Enjoy your coffee and think properly. This is about human lives. I have no clue in your orientation, however Jammeh and his Monodou Sabally recent comment should pump some fresh air into you. Thanks.



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