A longer and more clear video of UDP Serrekunda entry. Some older people walked all the way from Latrikunda to Westfield without realising the body ache that will come later. The demands are growing for a peaceful resistance. “Let Unityย prevail because Yahya Jammeh is finished,” one observer told Kairo News.

madraAmong the people who called Kairo News to damn President Jammeh was anย Islamic teacher. “Jammeh cannot deceiveย us with his so-called Islamic Republic ambitions; he cannot deceive usย by dishing out money. Weย are sick and tired ofย his never-ending nonsense.”

Most people are bracing up for a day when all Gambians will unite and take to the streets to force Dictator Jammeh out of power just like Blaise Campoare of Burkina Faso.ย The momentum is already built – all we need is to unite for a common purpose of getting rid of a system that survives on the blood of innocent, armless Gambians.ย  With determination, we can move everything, including the mountain.



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