UDP Nationwide Tour April 16 – April 26 2015

It’s no secret the appalling human rights abuses in the Gambia. It is a known fact the serious economic mismanagement by the authorities in the Gambia. These and many other issues are known quantities to everyone. While we keep ourselves reminded of, and continue to criticize the current regime’s atrocities and maladministration, we must not lose sight of the Gambia’s future and the ways forward. We must present bold initiatives and alternative programs to the current system in the Gambia to place us on the path of economic prosperity and social justice . The United Democratic Party (UDP) takes this message to the people!!!

As our party leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe laid a compelling case against undemocratic governance in Africa, particularly the troubled challenges opposition and civil society groups face in the Gambia – at a recently concluded regional meeting in Mali, Mr. Darboe along with senior party officials and delegates embark on a ten-day countrywide tour. The tour commence on Thursday the 16th to Sunday 26th April 2015. Mr. Darboe will address areas of governance where the current government fail and what alternative steps to take to ensure key sectors of the economy are strengthened


UDP Communications.


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