My Silence is often misinterpreted
Weak souls think it’s a sign of defeat
Hypocrites know not its powers
Who says my silence is weakness?

There’s a reason for every silence
Every silence hides an untold story
My Silence is full of hidden answers
Only wise men understand silence.

Wise souls listen to silence
My silence has so much to say
It’s a punishment for a liar
And tames an attention seeker.

My silence is not signs of cowardice
It’s a tool reserved for brave men
Prophet of Islam endorses silence      Bravery doesn’t mean rabble-rousing          It’s far from throwing punches either.

My silence is better than senseless talk
That’s why wise souls speak in silence
Quieter persons are heard the loudest
Illiassa Chief sees wisdom in silence
Tamba Jammeh’s magic lies in silence.

My silence is everything but empty
It’s full of unknown answers
Fear one who listens and thinks
Use silence to strike your enemies
Never downplay pains of silence.

My wisdom whispers in silence
My silence is a hidden treasure
I respond to haters with silence
Believers feel the power of silence
Success noise reveals silent work.

Zip it up and allow silence to thrive
Don’t teach me the right lessons of life
You’re neither good lawyer of your deeds
Nor good judge of others’ actions
Just know that my silence isn’t empty
It isn’t a defeat either but a strength.

Ndey Sarr


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