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Unless the Democrats – specifically Hillary Clinton, does something extraordinarily stupid or insulting to turn off her base to sit out the elections, she is on course for her rendezvous with history. In other words, on the night of January 20th 2017, when the Secret Service officer entrusted with the personal protection of the new US president closes the door to the master bedroom at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he or she would be saying “goodnight Madam President.”

I don’t know where the ridiculous toupee-wearing rich man name Donald Trump will be that night, but I’m pretty sure, it won’t be at the seat of American power! So, all sane and conscientious people around the world can breathe easier about that. Now considering how well Trump seems to be doing at the polls at the moment, some may find this prediction unwise. Or some may even question the basis for my position.
But the facts and logic are easy enough to follow, and I’ll make it short:

1.It’s all about math. The Republican Party is not only a minority party, but it’s a dying party. As I stated in an article some years ago, if 100% of Republicans show up on election day and vote, but only 90% of Democrats turn up to vote, Democrats will still win! That’s how disproportionate the numbers are.
To put this in perspective, the ONLY reason the US Congress is under the control of Republicans is because of rules they’ve manufactured purposely to shield what they cannot defend electorally with the connivance of the courts through legislative semantics call re-districting or gerrymandering. Very few people seem to know or remember that in the last two major elections, the Republicans were outvoted by over five million votes collectively by Democrats. Yet they still manage to keep both houses of Congress! How is that possible in a democracy? Because they rigged the darn system! See why they’re crying about their chief protector on the supreme court Judge Antonin Scalia who passed on recently?

2.Donald Trump has unmasked his party for who they really are. One only need to look at the votes that Trump polled from the so-called very Conservative areas of the country to see the hate and bigotry that he proudly embodies. As has long been pointed out by many conscientious observers, contemporary conservatism is nothing but a euphemism for euro-centric-racists. Specifically regarding Donald Trump, what philosophy is he expounding that they agree with on? Generally, what has conservatism got to do with hating other peoples’ religions or way of life especially when the person you are supporting is a notoriously womanizing, philandering, and misogynistic fellow who doesn’t even go to church? Republicans have always claim to be a party of Family Values. Trump has been multiply divorced. Their attraction to him is his aversion to non- Europeans. Trump is so revolting that only the truly racist and bigoted can embrace him. Which makes these voters a real problem not just for him, but a real liability to the long term viability of their party.

3.The biggest weapon Hillary Clinton has against Donald Trump is ironically the one group of people most responsible for his emergence: rich white men. This whole Donald Trump thing was never supposed to get this far. Initially, the joke was supposed to be about Obama, the skinny black guy with an African name who in fact looks like an African marathon runner from East Africa claiming to be half-white. Only he wants to be president of the united states. Rich white men were galled at the time! The African dude really has cojones! It was party and dinner table banter. But when it dawned on most that the man is legit and much brighter than they realized, they fell in line and kept mute especially after Obama got elected. Not the arrogant and racist Donald Trump. He kept up his outrageous claims about Obama being born in Kenya on radio and TV shows. Now to most rational people, this is plain nonsense, but Trump isn’t perturbed because he has a specific target audience in mind. (Think of the types that used to go to the so-called Obamacare protest, take the mike and scream at Obama to take his “hands off my Medicare! “The only problem is Medicare is actually courtesy of the Federal government – as in Obama, and it’s the very program Obama’s legislation was intended to strengthen and add more funds to. Yet people benefitting from that program were protesting and insulting the president base on garbage they were fed by smart puppeteers like Donald Trump. Those who watch Bill Maher on HBO are familiar with how he skewers public figures for their hypocrisy. Part of the problem is, contrary to perception, Americans are generally very ill-informed about national issues. As a matter of fact, on some issues, their level of ignorance is simply scary. having lived here for literally half of my life, this still shocks me considering the available media sources and advanced technology, but that’s the reality.

Anyhow, to cut it short, Trump is now seen as a threat by his fellow rich white men. Notice how the racist Republican leaders in Congress who are hell-bent on stymying anything Obama puts forward eagerly joined him to condemn Trump for his anti- Muslim diatribes about two months ago, and still go at Trump for being a divider. They’re not going after him because they love Muslims any more than he does, they’re doing so because if he wins the presidency, he’ll be forcing some of those people (Muslims, and immigrants) to take their money and businesses to other countries. Thus, taking bread (Lobbying money, Consulting Fees, etc.) away from their families’ tables. This is a good omen for all of us. And so, by hook or crook, they’ll bring him down before November.

Forget the nonsense about Hillary and the Democrat’s strategy. Remember how Hillary’s much-vaunted strategy collapsed in 2008 against Obama’s Community Organizer strategy that they were deriding? As for the Democratic party, they win elections only because commonsense makes people agree with them. Otherwise, they’re feckless, disorganized, and ineffective. They run their campaigns the same way the French play football. Former VT governor Howard Dean is one of the few Democratic party leaders who actually understand the party’s issues. Most of the others are useless. Thank god, the rich white guys will bring Trump down. That is the great news.

The not so great news is: going by her record, Hillary Clinton will in all likelihood not be a good president. Here are my reasons:

a. Hillary is Republican-lite meaning on many important issues – Wall Street, Foreign Policy, Defense, Kinship with the common man or woman, there is very little discernible difference between Hillary’s position and that of the average Republican. On foreign policy especially, there is a real chance that Benjamin Netanyahu could have the nirvana he’s been looking for under Hillary Clinton. Doubters should google some of Naomi Klein’s old critiques of Hillary’s position on Israel while she was in the senate. She was so far right that several notable Jewish Americans including Klein used to condemn her routinely for blindly backing Netanyahu in his intransigence in dealing with the Palestinians as regards the Oslo accords.
b. Hillary has a Truthiness problem. If you watch Steven Colbert’s comedy, you understand this dig at public figures who like to engage in hair splitting “technicalities” to get away with stuff. Hillary has a long history of this. I remember in 1993, during bill Clinton’s first term, a close friend of theirs name Vince Forster committed suicide. In the brouhaha that followed that tragedy for years, William Saffire -now late, then a New York Times Columnist, wrote a scathing opinion of the Clintons in which he called Hillary a “congenital liar.” Pretty harsh eh? That caused a real firestorm. Anyhow, the late Saffire’s point was Hillary simply could not tell a straight story especially when asked twice. Each time the woman opened her mouth, she said something different! Which is the hallmark of a liar. And even in this cycle, when I listen to Hillary address a crowd, I wonder if she’s just pandering to that specific audience because I’m yet to hear anything from Hillary Clinton that I believe to be heart-felt and passionate enough to reassure me that once she gets to the presidency, she’ll fight to get done. As Andrew Sullivan, the author, and blogger once put it, “it’s simply impossible to tell what Hillary Clinton stands for.” I share that sentiment.

The irony about the 2016 election is the most consequential issue is the supreme court seats. Note I said seats! If the Republicans don’t hold a vote to confirm an Obama nominee, and they’re determined not to, there will be a minimum of THREE seats to fill on the US supreme court in the next four years! Judge Antonin Scalia who died a month ago will have to be replaced. Also, without any doubt, both Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anthony Kennedy will most probably retire in the next couple of years. Don’t ask me how I know this. I do. I can bet anything that those two won’t be on the court during the 2020 elections. Now, for anyone who can add one and one, it’s pretty obvious what the consequence of the 2016 elections are: yes, for the first time in generations, the US will have a supreme court that truly reflects the contemporary majority views and composition of its population. There’ll be six progressives or moderates against three conservatives. This is what terrifies the Republicans because it’s only a matter of time before ridiculous laws that say “corporations are people” or “Campaign Finance Reform” that allows corporations to pour tons of money into campaigns anonymously are overturned. The Republicans have a reason to panic!

So, go to the polls in November and vote for Hillary if you want a progressive supreme court. That would be the ONLY reason I might – just might vote for Hillary Clinton. There is no other reason why I would ever vote for this woman. I won’t be able to forgive myself if I do. Meanwhile, I’ll write to her campaign to ask exactly what her plan is to undo the damage her husband did to young black men in his “tough on crime” project. Hundreds of thousands of young black men were sent to jail – a sizeable percentage of them for life, (remember Clinton’s glib slogan “Three Strikes, and You’re Out!”) because Bill Clinton wanted to impress Republicans about how tough he was on crime. Equally, he pulled the social safety net from under some of the most vulnerable people for the same flimsy reasons in his Welfare Reform program while leaving corporate welfare programs intact. Yet, black folks are voting for Hillary Clinton against the socialist Bernie Sanders 8 to 1. This has got to be some type of mass craziness with us as a people! At least Bernie is honest. And he was with black people when it wasn’t cool to be in the early 1960s. the same Clintons who all but endorsed john McCain when it became obvious they were going to lose to Obama in 2008. Boy, how soon we forget. But maybe that was due to high passions. we shouldn’t hold that against them. Anyhow, not learning anything from the past is stupid. It would be poetic justice for one Clinton to fix another Clinton’s mess. The onus is on the voters to DEMAND action as a condition of their support!


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