JammehPresident Yahya Jammeh seems to have not only eaten up his insults and threats on the Mandinka ethnic group but the unpredictable leader has also embarked on a clean up exercise aimed at undoing his statement, Kairo News has learnt.

In May this year, President Jammeh renewed his incessant obsession of singling out Mandinkas for vile remarks, insults and threats of elimination. Describing Mandinkas as foreign troublemakers who emigrated from Mali less than 100 years back, Yahya Jammeh ridiculed the Gambia’s majority tribe to the core. The unguarded and unruly statement was greeted with condemnations from home and abroad.

However, it didn’t take the Bully Leader long time to realise how weak he is politically without the backing of Mandinkas who have since heightened their opposition to the APRC government. His only available option is to blink, swallow his pride and apologise to his victims.

Yahya Jammeh’s ego will not allow him to publicly apologise to the Mandinkas, which is why he has sent his surrogates to do the clean up. It is in this regard that KMC Mayor Yankuba Colley today leaves for the damage repair mission. Mayor Colley is leading a six pick up vehicle delegation that is expected to offer apology to prominent Mandinkas across the country.

The apology mission started in Niumi before proceeding to other regions.

But the mission seems to be a fruitless exercise as Mandinka leaders are still in pains with Jammeh’s insults. They couldn’t understand why their ethnic group has been singled out for insults and threats after all the support they have rendered to Jammeh. All they want is for Jammeh to resign for putting his office into disrepute.



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