Former Lt. Col. Lamin Gano has yet to say anything damning about Dictator Jammeh’s evil system! As the Mandinkas say, taba bon eeye tonya fo [tell plain truth and stop beating about the bush].

If Jammeh does not fear elections, them he will not buy votes nor register foreigners. People keep repeating a fallacy that ballot boxes are stuffed. It is real people who vote from polling station to polling multiple of times by washing away the indelible INK. The APRC has been busy telling people to give them their voter’s card details. Why? Because they want to secretly fill the nomination forms of Jammeh and also gauge their vote target.’

Lamin Gano did not say how Jammeh’s system works, all he is saying is what people know already.

We got concrete intelligence that the APRC fraudulently uses soldiers to vote in multiple polling stations. So the ex-servicemen should telling us about things we already know. We need them to do is to spill the beans by telling us about the unknown. Dictator Jammeh uses Alkalos and Seyfos to buy local ordinary people with these words: “this is about this world; we gain nothing in politics in the hereafter. Sell your vote, election will not defeat Jammeh.” Words like that are used to discourage and convince simple people to sell their votes for as small as D300. Confiscation of a voter’s card means one opposition vote is removed from the equation.
If Jammeh does not fear elections, he will neither buy votes nor register foreigners to vote in what is purely a Gambian affair. People keep repeating the fallacy that ballot boxes are stuffed. It is real people who vote from polling station to polling station multiple of times by washing away the INK.
Yahya Jammeh is not perturbed/disturbed by his wickedness revelations because he only possesses the power to be evil simply because he wins elections fraudulently.
Soldiers vote in their camps and then vote in more than 5 other polling centres. Hence, multiple voters are the key secret of the APRC. Even the late Baba Jobe (former majority leader of Parliament) was said to have revealed this secret to a confidant in prison.
Whilst Gano has every right to blend in and talk politics, let him understand that Gambians want to get inside the layers of secrecy that holds Jammeh in power.
With or without a coalition, these evil sellout Gambians will vote multiple times if the fraud is not exposed before polling day. Gambians therefore need to talk to security officers, they need to be enlightened. You don’t have to vote for Jammeh. It is only you in the polling booth.
Stop being cowards and enablers of a rotten system that leaves you with nothing. We need former soldiers to talk intelligently not on torture and other crimes alone. Yahya jammeh cannot be a dictator. A psychopath will never change, the only cure is to reveal all his fraudulent or dirty tricks in the open and create talking points out of them. 


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