‘Words mean nothing when your actions contradict and loyalty is hard to find. Trust is easy to lose. Action speaks louder than words’.

The recent trending on social media about the ongoing brouhaha at The Gambia’s State Intelligence Agency of must be a serious concern to every well meaning Gambian.

The Legal Adviser of the Agency was quoted by local newspapers as having revealed some very damaging information in a letter he addressed to the President of the Republic, which was eventually leaked to the press. We also learned that the Legal Adviser Baboucarr AMO Badjie is arrested and currently being detained.

Less we forget, Bubacarr AMO Badjie was recruited into the NIA after he was sponsored by ex-President Jammeh to study in the U.K. for his under graduate. Obviously, with the sole aim of spying on Gambians in the diaspora. Bubacarr Badjie was sponsored by Ex-President Jammeh to pursue a Master’s degree in the U.K. as well.

There are ample, unquestionable, undisputed evidence that Bubcarr Badjie was involved in reporting innocent Gambians to President Jammeh.

Why would he wait until now to reveal that 60% of the agents are illustrates? As one of the agency’s directors, didn’t Badjie know that this before? Come on!

Undoubtedly, Bubacarr Badjie has a hidden agenda towards the present Senior Management of the Agency.
Yes, it is true that some members of the Senior Management must be changed without further delays because we are talking about State Security and Intelligence. Apart from the so-called NIA 9, there are other operatives more evil and treacherous than one would ever imagine.

Many of us had the privilege of knowing Bubacarr Badjie, when he was attached to the Police to learn on the Job from the NIA. He had virtually issues with every one he crossed paths with.

Consequently, it must be clear that Bubacarr Badjie cannot fool people by playing innocence for his selfish interest. The government of President Barrow must be very weary of his calculated actions.

Whether his arrest is legal or not will be another matter to discuss, but this must not be beyond the 72 hours period as stipulated in the constitution. He must be arraigned before a court.

Pa Amdy Jallow, former Police Crime Management Coordinator

Source: Facebook



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