SIDIA JATTA: Road conditions are generally horrible in The Gambia

By Sulayman Bah

Feeder roads and gravel surfaced roads remain to be in poor conditions and some are un-motor able especially in the rainy season in most parts of The Gambia.

wuli 2 wuli3The government of The Gambia is said to have entered into a loan agreement with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to construct the main Lamin Koto to Passamas motorway but hasn`t still been started.

Honourable Sidia Jatta, Chairman of PDOIS and also a former Wuli West MP has described the road conditions generally horrible in The Gambia.

He said: “Road conditions are generally horrible in The Gambia and not just Wuli”.

Commenting on an article published in Kairo News online on the Basse/Wuli road, the former law maker said he has not been contacted to shed light on the deplorable road conditions and neither did he permit any reporter to attach his picture to a story.

Honourable Jatta said: “I was just a servant to the people of Wuli and The Gambia”. He further explained that, it is the sovereign right of the author of the article to raise issues pertaining to Wuli and can even criticise him (Sidia), but should be done responsibly.

However, no road is currently classified as a first class road in The Gambia; even the most publicised Coastal Roads are full of potholes.

Suwaibou Touray PDOIS Administrative Secretary said: “The road situation from Lamin Koto to Passamas remains the biggest ever road challenge for The Gambia and this will certainly be a huge huddle for the ruling APRC in the next election campaign”.

The overall rural road conditions are lagging behind and generally contribute to early vehicle breakdowns, huge fuel consumption, high cost of maintenance, slowdowns farming mobility and prevents quick access to health care facilities.



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