The world powers have unanimously condemned in strongest terms the enslavement and trading of African migrants in Libya. The United Nations, African Union and renowned celebrities have all damned Libyan Arabs for kidnapping, maltreating and selling Black Africans in open markets. But one organisation whose voice would have carried heavy weight was the Arab League. The world waited for the League to condemn what is considered the “most degrading treatment of a fellow human being” but to avail. The Arabic League’s failure to bash racist Libyan slave traders in the 21st century has worried the Imam of Detroit Islamic Center.

Imam Ceesay picking bones with the Arab League over Libya enslavement and trading!

“Shame on the Arab League for being silent on an issue that shakes all those who stand for truth, justice and respect for human rights!” Imam Ceesay told a congregation of Friday prayers. Imam Ceesay warned Libyan slave traders to borrow a cue from Satan [Iblis] whose arrogance had gone above board. “Iblis lost everything after refusing to bow down to Adam. He proudly refused to obey Allah’s command because he (a creation of fire) was better than a being that was created from black mud. Such an act invites Allah’s anger and wrath. Allah creates people of different colours, ethnicities or creed as signs of his power. He said the best among you are the pious ones. Allah honours those who possess knowledge and piety. In the eyes of Allah, skin colour means nothing,” Imam Ceesay said, warning Libyan Arabs slave traders to fear Allah and repent.

“Allah sees and knows your abominable act of enslaving, degrading and selling your fellow human being on the basis of their colour. A human being is an honourable creation of Allah who swears in the Quran that He honours human being. As a matter of fact, a human being must not be turned into a commodity. Why would these Libyan Arabs parade and sell human beings knowing that their act is condemned by Islam? Should these people call themselves Muslims?” Imam Ceesay asked.



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