Seriously, our problems are bigger than we thought. Less than four months to the presidential elections, with no possible coalition talks yet, these parties have no formula for how they could find a consensus on WHO/WHAT leads, HOW/WHY.

The party (People’s Progressive Party) that does not have an intention of putting up a candidate in December election but a crucial player at the negotiation table, is complicating things when it wants all registered parties to be (numerical) equals at the table. If a veteran politician like ‪‎OJ‬ believes that ‪ALL‬ parties are ‪equal‬ especially in ‪strength‬ and numbers, because  ‘none can win elections on their own’, we’re in serious trouble. No disrespect but it is unfair to say the United Democratic Party and Gambia Progressive Democratic Party are equal in strength, or People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism and National Democratic Action Movement are. That’s dishonest. Of course, we want all these parties to respectfully sit at the table as equals (heads of parties) but we should duly give all their rightful credit for an honest discourse to be had.

True, the need for all to build unity and put up one candidate against Yaya Jammeh is paramount. We ALL know that. The urgency to come together to contest the elections is necessary but it’s obvious that it’s becoming a marriage of convenience. IF these parties/leaders are unable to come together at a time that one of their own was murdered and several others persecuted, I’m giving up on a possibility to coalesce.

I’ll respect the rights of registered parties and Gambian electorate to choose whether or not to go elections, but I’ve given up on hope for change through that route.

Pata Saidykhan



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