Senegalese authorities have refused some Gambians the opportunity to enter through their airport, Kairo News is reliably informed.

Many Gambians travelling from the United States and certain European countries use Senegal as their port of entry. However, in the wake of the recent events, some Gambians have been refused to enter the West African country. “These Gambians have been deported back to Europe,” our source said, advising Gambians to use their Gambia passports to avoid waste of time or possible deportation. “Senegalese are currently suspicious of Gambians travelling with American or European passports,” our source added.

In a same vein, the leader of the Gambia National Transition Council, Monsieur Le President Sidia Bayo, is reported to be on the verge of being deported. This followed his arrest and detention in Senegal where he travelled for the burial of his 77-year-old father in the holy city of Touba, the seat of Mouride brotherhood.

The reasons for the deportation of French born citizen saidmbian descent remain unclear. But his lawyer believed they might have been connected to his recent public statements calling on Gambians, particularly the military to flush out President Yahya Jammeh.

Bayo’s statement was issued following a failed attempted coup in the Gambia last week.

Gunmen attacked the presidential palace in the capital Banjul while Mr. Jammeh was holidaying outside the country.

In a video posted on the Internet and in a later interview on Senegalese television, Sheikh Sidia Bayo, head of the Dakar-based NTCG, called upon Gambians to support the putsch, which was successfully repelled by Mr. Jammeh’s State Guards.

“We received an official notification from the Senegalese authorities that my client Bayo will be expelled in the coming hours from Senegal,” The Point quoted Mr. Bayo’s lawyer, Assane Dioma Ndiaye as saying.

One Senegalese official is quoted as saying that Bayo, who holds both Gambian and French citizenship, is expected to be sent to France.

President Jammeh blamed the State House attack on political dissidents backed by unnamed foreign powers.

Two Americans with Gambian descent, Cherno Njie and Papa Faal, have been arrested and charged in the United States for conspiring to carry out the violent overthrow of a friendly foreign government.



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