They accused and insulted you just because you refused to accept their way!

I am glad that sanity has finally prevailed.

I would like to infinitely thank our fathers, mothers, uncles, brothers and sisters for a job well done. They said all sorts of things against you; that you are not educated; that you are “tribal” which is an insult in all forms of its meaning; that they are the intellectuals; that they are the experts; that they are better positioned to define your destiny than yourselves.

However, from the word go it is obvious that you always know what you want and what is good for the Gambia and Gambians in general. You fought against occupation of colonial masters; you ensured that your voices are respected both in the country’s independence election and in the republican referendum.

The worst happened to you in Yahya Jammeh’s regime… openly insulted not to mention various derogatory remarks. There were people who connived with Yahya Jammeh to impose a constitution on you which obviously violates your fundamental human rights. And what happened? They presented themselves as the so-called constitutional experts. They said you have your party’s interest and not the Gambia’s interest. But you are the masters of your own destiny and no one can be your experts. They do not want to hear, learn or accept realities. So you must continue to be on the watch. Thank you. I have always believed in YOU and you have not disappointed me!

Morro Touray



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