Fatou Camara needs urgent medical attention

A remanded Gambian woman is currently battling for survival at Jan Jan Bureh prisons. Fatou Camara, who was arrested and brutality tortured, is denied medical attention by the Gambia government, compelling the deputy United Democratic Party leader to advocate for the vulnerable woman. Accompanied by the UDP officials, Mariam Secka traveled to Mansakonko to set eyes on the detainees in court. Secka raised concerns about the appalling health condition of Fatoumata Jawara. The UDP Female Youth President was also brutally tortured until she passed out. Despite urinating blood for several days, Fatoumata was denied specialist treatment by a government that has been striving hard to cover its dirt.

Mariam Secka’s trip followed that of Mai Ndure, the wife of Lawyer Darboe. Mai had seen the 11 detainees at Mansakonko. But she wasn’t impressed about the health condition the women. Mai Ndure called on every concerned Gambian to their voices and demand medical attention for Fatou Camara and Fatoumata Jawara.

The UDP delegation is demanding that the detained women be given access to medical treatment. Gambian activists — political and gender — have been calling on the Jammeh regime to free all those who are detained on political grounds. Both detained April and May protesters fall in this category.


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