I think Mr Batch Samba was simply dreaming about Gambian politics when he was writing his ugly and misleading piece if he is indeed an opposition sympathiser. First and foremost, Mr. Batch has contradicted his own self without realising it and must not believe that people will believe in a single bit of his trash that deserves to be in a septic tank.
Batch wants us to believe that PDOIS is a fringe party but fooling no one but himself, however contrary to that, PDOIS is one of the most popular parties ever seen in Gambian politics. He should accept that if his party is indeed the UDP, which have flouted its principles when they have agreed with all other parties after more than one year of talks, signed and launched NADD only for them to withdraw at the last hour on no basis but by simply saying “we cannot be in two parties”, while mischievously wanting to use others for a partisan interest.

Batch argued that, PDOIS is a very small and unpopular party which has no support in the country. While reinforcing that PDOIS would then send its supporters to districts where parties like NDAM, GPDP, PPP and NRP have no bases and these PDOIS supporters would disguise themselves as members of those parties and use other parties as vehicles to secure enough delegates for Candidate Halifa Sallah. How can PDOIS do the above if they do not have support across the country? This is typical of a ‘Charlatan’ who`ve proven to incoherently and illogically put a case against PDOIS.

The supposedly Mr. Clever Batch should read the NADD MOU before coming up with such an incorrigible assertion meant to confuse those who are giving thought to PDOIS` proposal for building an opposition ‘Grande Alliance’ in the December polls.

For your information Part 111 of the ‘ELECTIONS AND TENURE OF OFFICE’ of the NADD MOU on the nomination of candidate states that: “The selection of the candidate of the Alliance for the Presidential, National Assembly and Council elections shall be done by consensus; provided that in the event of an impasse selection shall be done by holding a Primary election restricted to party delegates on the basis of equal number of delegates, comprising the chairman, chairwoman and youth leader of each party from each village/ward in a Constituency.”
The UDP and NRP left NADD during consensus building which could have been achieved at the time without having to go through any sort of ‘Primaries’. UDP also had the option of pushing for the same Primary method, since it was confident of its overwhelming grassroots support.

Batch is also aware of the damage inflicted on his would be party by its impromptu withdrawal from NADD without a tangible explanation to the general public. That dent cannot be repaired or undone by a ‘Charlatan’ at this last hour by simply coming up with frivolous stories that are not convincing to even ‘Lilliputians’ in politics. How can other parties become vehicles for PDOIS in a primary without the knowledge and support of their leaders? Batch is at this hour trying to apologise on behalf of his leaders who had betrayed the Gambian people for their selfish and power hungry schemes in 2016.
Can any sensible person believe Batch when he said PDOIS will replace all Chairmen, Chairwomen and Youth Leaders of all these parties without the knowledge of such parties? Is this not absurd in every respect? It is parties that will name their position holders and not any other way around.

It beats my imagination that people who are genuinely interested in coalition building to remove a tyrant can at this hour come up with blatant lies as to place a wedge between PDOIS and the UDP. I wonder what his objective at this instance is.

I could have gone into the narration of history to expose the NADD history but that may as well divert readers from the coalition issue rather than the efforts my party is making in a collective scheme of coalition building.

Batch should go ahead and teach his party what politics to utilise to win election instead of coaching PDOIS. Can I remind him that since Gambia’s self rule leading to the first republic in 1970, no opposition party has ever changed the country through elections? That is not limited to PDOIS alone but even parties that used all the unethical schemes mentioned above have not also succeeded including the party he supposedly belongs to.
You are too mediocre to refer to Halifa’s father in your write up, which shows how empty you are in politics. It also shows how spiteful you are towards Halifa and Halifa has no such design hatred towards you and your kind. Those of us who are supporting PDOIS and Halifa are not doing so because of any relationship or personal interest but based on compatriotism. We belong to the same country under the sun and we all yearn GOOD for our dear mother/father’s land. Up to now, hawkers are selling beside Halifa’s father’s compound wall and Halifa has never thrown a stone at them. No one should vote for Halifa or vote against Halifa because of his father who has never vie for political office. You said Gambians need change but you are concentrating on what our fathers and mothers have done instead of on issues that concern change in 2016 and you call yourself a change agent.

Batch, NADD emerged for the cause of Gambians and it is written in the preamble of the NADD MOU that” it emerged to answer to the call of the Gambian people for greater national unity transcending tribe, religion, gender, place of origin, birth, disability or any other status.”

“NADD stands for a future that will place your country right into your sovereign hands. NADD aims to utilize the public power derived from your authority to safeguard people’s liberty, dignity and prosperity. After 41 years of independence, the Gambia deserves nothing less.”

NADD stands for a dual carriageway to liberate the Gambian people from powerlessness, voicelessness and poverty.”

If all parties had adhered to the principles embedded in its MOU, we would by now be narrating a different history and sure APRC would have been history.

PDOIS is very realistic when it comes to unity of forces. It is very much conscious that Gambians are divided by so many parochial differences between political groupings. This is why it is simply leaving matters in the hands of the electorates at this material time.
Whoever the people want, should lead the coalition and stand under a neutral banner and be supported by all parties and individual politicians with finance, intelligence, wisdom, labour, skill and all what is necessary in this struggle.

PDOIS keeps ringing the ‘Primary Bell’ because it believes that is the route believable by many parties and individuals but PDOIS is not saying that is the only bell to ring and this is why it is calling on other parties to ring their bells for all of us to listen and hear.

Finally, those of us who are in for genuine change should concentrate our efforts on what is positive and refuse to be diverted by those who belong to the ruling party but disguising as opposition to place a wedge between us as to create misunderstanding as a vehicle to disunity in the December 2016 polls if we are to attain the dream of our people.

May we not be persuaded and diverted by such scandalous stories meant to plant the seed of discord among us.

Forward Ever, Backward Never!

Sulayman Ba



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