By Jalika Badjie

To say the stance taken by Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) not to be part of the coalition in the forthcoming elections is a disappointment to the entire Gambia is an understatement. Now is the right time for the whole country to unify under one candidate and regain our beloved country back. Any patriotic Gambian should share this common goal and participate fully towards achieving our objective of liberating our country.

I would suggest to the coalition to extend their campaign to the diaspora. The Gambia without a doubt is sustained by family members abroad, sending remittance to their loved ones. The coalition should extensively urge the diaspora to talk to their family members that it is paramount for them to vote for the coalition and remove this tyrant from power. I am sure that is the way forward.

Most people vote for Yahya Jammeh as a result of ignorance. When asked why they vote for the ruling party, the likely answer would be the Gambia has developed under Yahya Jammeh. It is quite baffling to hear some of the educated Gambians talking about how the country is developing. When poverty and inequality is rising, Youth unemployment is at an alarming rate, the standard of education is going down the drain, most secondary school leavers cannot even write a simple sentence. The health sector is even worst, with no medicine, proper equipment or qualified doctors to maintain a healthy population. Ignorance is a very serious disease and is gradually killing our beloved country. I personally have been speaking to my family asking them not to vote for Yahya Jammeh, because I would like to come back home to a peaceful country where there is rule of law and proper institutions are in place for everyone to live happily without anyone been harassed or humiliated because of your tribe, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We have been down trodden for far too long. Lets focus our attention on educating our families to vote this Moron and his greedy enablers out once and for all. Good luck to the entire Gambia.


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