darboeAlhagi Yerro Jallow, you have summed it all. There is hardly anything anybody can add to what you have written about Ousainou Darboe. He has proven himself. Those loud-mouth politicians who have been playing to the gallery frequenting almost every online radio, making high sounding speeches signifying nothing, are today put to shame. From now on, they have no moral authority to request that we put them forth as leaders. In my view, they have lost legitimacy the same way Yahya Jammeh has lost legitimacy. It is so easy and cheap to talk. However, heroes are only identified when action begins. Ousainou Darboe has proven his love for country in our hour of need. He has never been loud-mouth. Some of us know he was not aware of the events of 14th April. Nevertheless, when the occasion demanded leadership, he rose to the challenge.

As for some of our loud-mouth politicians, all of a sudden, they have gone mute. May be with their the political careers too because none of them is worthy of leading us. But then these politicians come from the larger Gambian society that survives on hypocrisy. Hypocrisy has permeated all levels of our society and those that are supposed to be shining examples are the ones that are neck deep in equivocation.

May I add that with the recent events, the narrative also has started changing. It is no longer about UDP but The Gambia. Absolutely! This we already know. It has never been about the UDP, it has always been about The Gambia. But how many people listened? We need to learn to filter the truth from all the noise so that we are not misled. Enough of the Gambian hypocrisy. It really stinks. We need to begin to look inwards and re-examine our lives. We cannot continue to live in denial and on falsehood. Let us accept the truth and come together as Gambians. Let us love our country, for it is part of faith.

Once again, special thanks to Mama Linguere Sarr. She has proven that she is a woman of substance. Also special thanks to Ahmad Gitteh, Demba Baldeh, Bamba Mass, Prince Bojang, Pa Babou Jobe, Suntou Touray, M.L Sillah, Musa Saidykhan, Fabu Sanneh and all other genuine and patriotic Gambians who continue to clamour for justice and freedom for our motherland.

Janko Camara


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