RFI Mandinka news and analysis every day from Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm and Universal Time.

Listen to the international news, regional African news, and (West Africa news) in Mandinka. Sport and review of regional press, a guest panel and a 5-minute magazine produced by our correspondents on the following themes: health, economy, agriculture, education, culture, tradition and history. Friday a French lesson, “The Talisman Broken”, replaces the magazine, and listeners are invited to speak on the topic of the week.

RFI aim to engage the 30 million plus Mandinka speakers worldwide.

+33 1 84 22 95 84



  1. Yankuba Jobe says:

    Well done! congratulation!!

  2. very well done.

    nyabookuti, nyabookuti, nyabookuti…..

  3. This should have happened long ago. Mandinka is the popular language in West Africa which is predominantly a French colony. Nevertheless we are happy and we see this as right step in the right direction. We also want to see extention of the time limit from 4 hours daily to 12 hours daily and eventually 24/7

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