Gambia's State Guards/SMBC photos

Gambia’s State Guards/SMBC photos

President Yahya Jammeh’s overspeeding convoy has once again been linked to a fatal accident.

The accident, which occurred at Lamin in the Kombo North as State Guards vehicle ran into a crowd of people who lined up the streets to cheer the United Democratic Party convoy on tour. Seven people, including five students of St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School, have reportedly been affected by the senseless accident. Two of the victims have instantly died on the spot. One of the casualties is an elderly person who has been crushed to death. The said victim came from attending a funeral.

Most people believe President Jammeh’s presidency hinges on blood, which is why his convoy has been frequently involved in bloody accidents. Mr. Jammeh is also in the habit of provoking the opposition with a view to causing commotion. Jammeh revived his culture of disrupting the UDP convoy on campaign trail today when wanted to force his way on the Brikama highway. His attempt was met with stiff resistance.

It was not clear whether the Lamin had been carefully planned to satisfy voodoo-infested leader’s rituals. (Kairo News will soon publish a story on how Jammeh’s killer machine squad kills innocent drivers and fabricates their accident. Jammeh’s case has gone beyond a joke.”



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