President Adama Barrow is sick and tired of people who want to steal credits for removing Dictator Yahya Jammeh from office. The President thought time is now ripe to tell the plain truth – the truth that most Gambians are not privy to. Mr. Barrow threw the bomb in Turkey where he held meeting with the Gambian community. President Barrow’s election victory has turned Gambians into bragging talkatives.

Mr. Barrow wondered why “everyone is pounding his chest” claiming to take credit for the December 1st election victory. “Where were the Civil Society when Ousainou Darboe (United Democractic Party leader) and his executive members were jailed for protesting against Solo Sandeng’s murder?” President Barrow asked, recalling difficult days when majority of the people turn their back on the opposition UDP. “There was a moment when we spent over a million Dalasi just to get people to attend the court session of our detained executive members but we only got about a thousand people. We even have to transport people all the way from the provinces. The late Solo Krumang and others came from Wuli to attend court sittings,” President Barrow added.

Mr. Barrow’s statement is a direct response to some social media freaks who have never been heard of until Yahya Jammeh fled to Equatorial Guinea. Most of these freaks have threatened “to put sand in the soup” because the Coalition government has not employed them or refused to be micromanaged. Now that the political environment is levelled and fertiled, intellectuals came out of their hiding fighting to snatch the fruit of a labour they didn’t work for. President explained the dearth of young intellectuals that bedevilled the UDP before the election took place. “We couldn’t find young educated intellectuals to take over from our aging executive members,” he said. But today these hidden talents are on a hi-jack mission. Where were all the law graduates and doctors?

President Barrow’s truthful statement generated firestorm on the social media, with his critics accusing him of alienating the diaspora that vigorously fought for a change. One Anna Gray-Johnson ignored the content of the speech. Instead she asked why President Barrow talked in Mandinka. “So Is Mandinka the new official language in the Gambia?” Anna wrote on her Facebook page. President Barrow’s supporters applauded the speech, which according to them, was timely. They expect him to make some bitter truths when the situation calls for it, especially when hypocrisy is on the verge of conquering.



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