Defeat  Foday Lang Sarr on right corner!

The Chairmanship candidate of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress has lost both the election and his freedom.  Foday Lang Sarr lost heavily to Landing Sanneh of the United Democratic Party in the Mansakonko Area Council election on May 12.

Few hours after the humiliating defeat Foday and five of his close relatives found themselves in police net after they were accused of ambushing unsuspecting UDP supporters in Jappineh. Police in Jappineh’s sub station arrested and questioned and Foday along with Yusufa, Wandifa, Jatta, Cheppeh and Mai Sarr. They were charged with assault causing bodily harm to jubilating UDP suppoters: two adults and three minors.

According to eyewitnesses, Foday and co pelted stones at their victims before preying on them harshly. The victims, who sustained injuries on face, eye and head, were rushed to Soma health center where they remain in admission.

Foday Sarr had a history of inciting post election violence in Jarra Central constituency where he served as a parliamentarian of the ousted Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction of Yahya Jammeh. In 2001, Sarr’s APRC youth thugs raided the home of his opponent NRP candidate Ayuba Ceesay of Digante. The  defeated Ayuba who escaped unharmed left his aging father at the mercy of the APRC thugs. The old man was beaten severely until his pants were torn apart. It was reported that the merciless thugs created a flag out of the old man’s ripped pants.

Jappineh natives had earlier voiced concern about return to the political ring of a man who survives on sponsoring politically motivated violence. “Foday has always been a political Satan to Jarra Central. He will cause trouble whether he wins or loses,” said one Jappineh native. “We hate his style of politics.”



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