APRC propaganda team are said to be planning to bring Ouza Jallow to campaign for them in the run-up to the 2016 election. The desperate dictator Jammeh is finding it hard to influence Gambians. Gambians they believe will forget about all the atrocities and tyranny if they bring Ouza Jallow and other Senegalese singers to make them sleep.
Gambian youths need to wake up, they need to remember that the world has isolated and abandoned the Gambian dictator. Youths need to be enlightened and conscious. Their votes are their power and it demonstrate that they are awake.

APRC secretly trying to talk to people. However, large section of the Gambia society have rejected the tyrannical leader. Many Gambians in diaspora are calling their love ones and families to never vote for Jammeh.
Gambians youths are urged to not just copy Senegalese dance and songs, they need to copy their political awareness.
Senegal changed 4 Presidents, and the Gambia cannot even change one peacefully and democratically. The youths and women need to reject APRC completely. Dictator Jammeh and his evil empire will be kicked out of State House so that genuine democracy and freedom for all can come in.
Music and dance is not a sign of enlightenment. Don’t let a criminal mafia Gangster President deceive you. Say no Senegalese hustlers.


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