pixlr_20160929111738008It is about time that those who deny innocent Gambians peace also reap what they sow. As the late John P. Bojang, a former Gambian minister and ambassador, put it: “It’s about time those who have been enjoying drink bitter pills.”  Mr. Bojang was referring to officials of the deposed Jawara regime. Little did the late uncle of Yahya Jammeh know his nephew would force every Gambian to drink not only bitter pills but also send many innocent souls to the Angel of Death. Not even those who aided and abetted Yahya Jammeh were spared. Even close relatives and friends have been murdered or disappeared without trace. We wish John Bojang is alive today and witness how Yahya Jammeh has become obsessed with extrajudicial killings. Then he would have thought of changing his bitter pills narrative. The man who murdered his uncles, half-brother and sister fits the category of a Beast. Sometimes we wonder whether there is any blood in Yahya Jammeh’s sperm. All he cares about is how to maintain power even if it means burying his biological mother. So how certain is Ousma Sonko, fired Interior Minister on the run, to escape Jammeh’s wrath when he falls into the net?  As one of the architects of the bloody system, Ousman knows he would have been beheaded and thrown to the Kanilai crocodiles or dumped into a well alive and set on petrol fire. That’s why he started running immediately after his brief questioning at the NIA. He wasn’t in the Gambia at the time of his dismissal. What a coward!

Like all refugees, Ousman Sonko too is denied the peace of mind. Life will never be the same for Sonko and his family. It’s their own time to drink the bitter pills. Let them stop crying.

Gambians are generally forgiving but how can they forgive a man who is proud to kill them. Tell Sonko’s mother that there are innocent Gambians who have been drinking bitter pills since July 1994. No amount of crying can make us sympathise with them.

Sonko was part of a criminal gang that punished innocent mothers for their sons’ supposed crimes. Where was Sonko when the mother of Lamin Sanneh or family of Bai Lowe were detained? Was he not advised to leave opposition protesting youths led by the late Solo Sandeng alone? He didn’t listen. Instead he continued the brutality. Let him blame his family, particularly his mother Asum for their failure to prevail on him to leave others in peace.

The road to justice is long, messy and painstaking but it will one day come to an end. One good lesson that every Yahya Jammeh close ally learns is that no one is untouchable. The multi-million dollar question is whether all of them have an exit strategy. Even businesses need exit strategy. Those officials who have none will end up regretting.



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