The-minister-of-Interior-Hon-Ousman-Sonko.I concur with Femi Mahoney on his social media posting that “people often ignore the very crucial fact” that the fired Interior Minister who took to his heels before hell broke loose “Ousman Sonko, Yahya Jammeh and most of their fellow brutes have none or weaker family ties in the Gambia.” Ousman Sonko was born Ousman Badjie at Bijnor in the Southern Senegal’s Casamance region. He came to the Gambia as a youngster and acquired education. Sonko was adopted by one Sitapha Sonko, a Gambian taxi driver from Niumi Berending. Ousman ditched his family name and adopted that of Sitapha.

Sonko enlisted in the Gambia National Army. He was a no known quantity until he masterminded the murder of Lt. Almamo Manneh and Corporal Momodou Dumbuya. Instead of being grateful to Gambians, the ungrateful Sonko paid goodness with terrorism, becoming a monster for everyone, including the very people who helped him achieved his dreams. He has also flirted with young girls, leaving behind so many children dotted all over the Gambia. That’s the offshoot of his reckless impregnation of vulnerable girls.

Ironically, the once most powerful ally in Jammeh’s criminal enterprise abandoned and left the Gambia for Sweden where he is currently seeking sanctuary. This is despite all the mayhem and atrocities he has meted out on Gambians and nonGambians in the Gambia. It’s no one’s guess that when he goes back to Africa, Ousman will not step foot in the Gambia where he will always be wanted for his heinous crimes.

Gambians need to scrutinise and vet anyone for recruitment in the security service to avoid the emergence of the likes of Yahya Jammeh and Ousman Sonko in a New, Democratic Gambia where the content of one’s character as Dr. Martin Luther King J. put it matters and not the ethnicity. The only qualification Ousman has possesses is that of ethnicity. Now the pussycat Sonko has accepted the reality that the Devil Leader’s brutality and aggression knows no boundary and that power is fragile.

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