Ousainou Mbenga has swiftly reacted to Kairo News article titled Mbenga And The Bragging Snakes. For reasons best known to him, Mr. Mbenga snubbed Kairo News. Instead of sending his reaction to us, he preferred to use his Facebook wall to defend himself. In our efforts to give Mr. Mbenga the right to reply even though he didn’t have the courage to shoot email us, we retrieved the posting for publication to prove a point that the faces behind Kairo News are not scared of criticism – negative or positive. Until Yaya Dampha – the author of Mbenga And The Bragging Snakes – comes with his rebuttal, readers can peruse through the verbatim reaction published below and make judgment.


Dear Compatriots!

I hope these lines find you in the best of health and the highest spirit of demanding justice for your respective family member.

In case you havenโ€™t read or heard about the slanderous, irresponsible and childish allegations of my involvement in the death of your beloved family members, I hereby set the record straight.

It is my national responsibility to reach out to your families to expose the treacherous intent of the smear campaign. I will not dignify the โ€œcharacter assassinsโ€ claiming to be U.D.P stalwarts with a response. My constructive criticisms have always been and will continue to be objective as oppose to being subjective against any entity whose actions are counter to the ideals we all fought for. I would want to believe that these โ€œcharacter assassinsโ€ย represent the fringes of their party.

On May 17, 2017, Kairo News online paper and its mean spirited character assassins crafted and unleashed a tasteless article titled: โ€œMbenga and the bragging snakesโ€ with mudslinging allegations against me to silence my criticisms of the political actions of the current government.

First, I have never met nor spoken to the late solo Sendeng. But I had the opportunity to meet his courageous son at the maidenย press conference organized by the โ€œCommittee for the victims of Jammehโ€™s atrocitiesโ€ in April 2017. If I had a hand in the April 14, 2016 demonstration, Solo would have been still alive. My policy has always been never to agitate or incite Gambians on the ground to go out in the streets unless I am there with them.

The committee has initiated an unprecedented plan of action to demand justice for all of Jammehโ€™s victims and never to allow an occurrence of such barbarity in our beloved Gambia. This honorable action in the New Gambia is what I am interested in. All other childish distractions will not work.

The issue of Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham is different. I have known Saul Ndow since my childhood days and met Mahawa Cham once in Dakar, Senegal. These โ€œJoin-the-listsโ€- not journalists, should defer to the professional journalists in the interest of facts not fiction. It was our shared determination to uproot the Jammeh regime that our paths crossed. These allegations are absolute rubbish, fabricated by mean spirited โ€œjoin-the-listsโ€ to smear my character.

These โ€œcharacter assassinsโ€ have nothing to offer our beloved Gambia but a recipe for chaos in a blind pursuit of an illusory hegemony. Remember, repression breeds resistance! No government or regime will be exempt from criticism whether within 5 months or 3 years. # Gambia Justice Must Prevail!

Yours sincerely,

Ousainou Mbenga



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