This statement from GPU, if it is not a demonstration of the low calibre of people in Gambian media, it nonetheless shows that they are ill-informed about the issue and the subject matter. What the Daily Observer has done is fraudulent and criminal and those behind it (including the company’s directors and secretary) should be in custody by now or be tried for the utter fraudulent behaviours. GPU’s statement is simply an affront to common sense, the Gambia and Gambians.

They are talking about “…causes to free expression and welfare of journalists…” but don’t they know that it is these taxes which are used to fund health care and health services, the education sector, and essential infrastructure to name a few. It shows that GPU does not care about our sick children and those in need of healthcare and could not get the required treatments because of lack of adequate funding. The statistics on preventable deaths due to inadequate healthcare funding in the Gambia is unimaginable and unacceptable.

These statements by GPU are very annoying and demonstrate that some of the so-called Gambian media practitioners need proper training. For those of you who made statements from the diaspora e.g. Alagie Yerro Jallow are expected to know that if this was in the US (where they are currently based?) it would have been a complete different story.

I hope this would be an opportunity for Baba Jobe’s family to take over their company and cooperate with Tax Authorities to address the problem. My advice to GRA is to take over the administration of the company involving its rightful owner(s) and appoint your own administrators until such a time that you are able to recover all the tax arrears. I am suggesting this because it looks like the value of the company is far less than the tax they are owing so it cannot be sold.

Morro Touray



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