Bensouda woman up; your own backyard is on fire!

Woman up Bensouda; your own backyard is on fire! Silence is conent!

The National Resistance Movement of The Gambia has taken the government’s rule b excessive force culminated in the cold-blooded killing of some opposition activists to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Read below a press statement to that effect.


(under the auspices of the National Resistance Movement of The Gambia (NRMG).

Date : 29/04/2016

Venue : Oude Waalsdorperweg 10

2697 AK The Hague

Time : 15:00 – 17:00

16:00 we will submit our petition

The Gambia is now listed as one of the most repressive regimes in the recent history. Citizens have disappeared without trace in their own country giving rise to a state of fear and panic. Recent event paint even bleaker picture of the state-of-affairs in The Gambia where a week ago prominent opposition figures were arrested and detained in unknown locations following the arrest and brutal assassination in custody of the youth leader of the United Democratic Party and two others.

As concerned citizens, we hope to help bring more attention to the plight of our people by demonstrating at the International Criminal Court (ICC), and to urge that body to investigate the arbitrary arrest, torture and cool-blooded execution of the opposition figures in The Gambia. This we believe is in line with the terms of reference of the ICC.

NRMG therefore urges Gambians and concerned individuals to turn up in large numbers to sent a powerful message to all and sundry that the situation in our beloved motherland is intolerable. We call on the international community to stand by the people of The Gambia in their hours of need in trying to tackle one of the most totalitarian systems in modern history.

For more information contact :

Lamin Saddam Sanyang,

The Netherlands

Tel : 0654294166 and for those who are not living in The Netherlands 0031654294166



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