NIA DG Yankuba Badjie

NIA DG Yankuba Badjie

As I read Nogoi Njie’s testimony, I can’t control continous tears rolling down from my eyes. The torture in the form of beating and attempted rape of Nogoi Njie is an evil crime that must be punished. Those animals under the orders of Dictator Jammeh must pay the price of this senseless inhuman and degrading treatments. The constitutional violation of the rights of these detainees is immoral and callous. They have totally failed in their objective and today the whole world is aware of their cowardice and brutal treatment of women who could be their mothers.
Nogoi Njie has shown us that in the midst of her suffering and the most difficult time of her life she cared about Solo Sanderg and others in her testimony below:

“Solo Sanderg’s body was all swollen and he was in severe pain. I then asked him to come closer to me away from the urinated area and as he laid flat on the ground I bent down and started to massage his head and body. His body was bleeding all over. He then started to sleep and I sat up.”

The above statements send chills to my spine as it demonstrates the best of humanity which is love and care for your fellow human being in the most difficult circumstances.
The statements also indicated a character of a woman who showed selflessness, love and care for her fellow human being despite the fact that she had faced similar brutal treatment in the hands of Yaya Jammeh’s thugs. Throughout her ordeal, Nogoi Njie has shown us motherly love and care by constantly looking after her fellow inmates, especially Solo Sanderg who she ensured that he was alive and showed incredible concern about his welbeing. As she called out the name of God, the immoral beasts continued their despicable and horrendous acts.

The incredible bravery and resilience of Nogoi Njie during the darkest hour of her life was manifested in her roles as therapeutic supporter and motivator to both of these patriotic ladies. Nogoi Njie told her fellow inmates to “be brave” as they will overcome their ordeal. It is her character that we must admire and love.

Nogoi Njie stood up to the bullies and thugs when she questioned their conscience and asked why she deserved to be beaten and they later asked her to switched her political support to the party of a tyrant and merciless Dictator.  She has succeeded in questioning the morality of NIA and their responsibilities. She indicated to Sheikh Omar Jeng that he is a useless human being who did not belong and not qualified to lead the NIA. This was indeed a sense of patriotism and decency.

All her testimony, Nogoi Njie’s bravery, love, care and resilience were displayed fof for the world to see while the cowards who hide their faces were exposed. The sad and low life of these thugs was further exposed in her testimony when she stated that they were rewarded with meat and alcohol as the payment for their horrific and barbaric act. As these thugs celebrated the torture session meted out to these decent and patriotic ladies, they refused to remind themselves that they too had mothers who would not like to be in similar conditions. But that kind of personal reflection is not in the mind of evil and worthless human being. Those meat and alcohol they have consumed, have been excreted as waste product of metabolic process while the physical and psychological trauma they inflicted on their fellow citizens will forever be remained. When they finally get their conscience, their brutal actions will constantly remind them about the horrific and evil treatments they have done to their fellow citizens. They live with this guilt for the rest of their lives.




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