No, he is not blinking. Yaya knows exactly what he wants. He created this chaos to put his demands at such a high level and expected to get easy passage/amnesty in his negotiations. He is so humiliated and wants to feel important because he knows the international community will not accept his madness but yet they will talk to him. He will come out and claim he is giving up his demands for the sake of peace and his brother presidents urging.

All he wants is amnesty for the killings, disappearance without trace, jailing without due process etc. All his crimes from killing his own family members to innocent Gambians are staring at him and he knows, no matter what, he will spend the rest of his life in jail at the least. Thinking of his future dread him as evil that men do lives after them.

Under no circumstances should any compromise be given to a traitor/murderer. The only thing that Ecowas should tell him is that he needs to hand over power immediately or else they will convene emergency meeting in 24 hours and authorize legitimate force to take him out with his criminal militia like Umpa Mendy etc. Who is Yaya to think that he can kill people and thinks that he will not face justice?

Gambians should know that any amnesty to Yaya will mean we are institutionalizing impunity. What that will lead to recurrence of what we went through in the past twenty-two years. With that be rest assured that the new government will not last one year because some idiots will overthrow it and expect amnesty at the end of the day. The Gambia is at a crossroad and we need to set example so that each and every one of us knows that we will account for any illegal actions we take against fellow Gambians.

Who are we to think that when we lose elections we will not transfer power if bigger and more relevant countries like Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria can do that.

Can some one please remind Yaya about Gbagbo recaltrance and his end story?
Sadibu J.



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