The disenchanted Hon. Halifa Sallah has now become a populist and a puppet politician who is hell bent on soliciting for the allegiance of the Jola people, APRC supporters, and sympathizers following the recent unfortunate event that took place in Kanilai. As a mind reader, Halifa is praying for more incidents like this to happen so that he can use them to nurture his political aspirations and the foremost being, to become the next President of the Gambia after the incumbent president’s term has come to an end. Because who in his/her right mind/faculty would apportion blame on the Barrow government for what happened in Kanilai or call for a Coroner’s Inquest to be conducted for the death of one of the rioters. I think it will make sense to finish with the investigations of the political death cases of Yahya’s reign of impunity first. Families of these victims want justice to be served first, as well as get their corpse back and accord them decent Muslim or Christian burial. Members of these families have been living in trauma and agony for all this while.

Honourable, you are just out there to unsettle Adama Barrow’s government by distracting them from the substance. We are tired of your political rhetorics with no substance, and what you have to know is this, even the whole of APRC supporters and sympathizers which of course include the whole Jola ethnicity join your party after the final death of APRC which will definitely happen very soon, you shall never be a President in the Gambia through election because any would-be UDP presidential candidate has better chances of winning. So siding with the desperate Jola will not help you to realize your political ambitions.

Honourable Halifa, where were you when President Killer Yahya Jammeh who watered the longevity of his presidency with the innocent blood of his political opponents for 22 years to appease his “Jalans” to guarantee his stay in power? You kept mute because you know the repercussions of talking against Yahya’s actions and wishes. You are an opportunistic coward who betrays his own conscience and in conflict with the very values and ideologies that your party stood for.

Uncle Halifa you had the opportunity to articulate your political realities in a more assertive way by taking up a ministerial appointment in the Coalition Government. You have failed to take advantage of the various offers being made to you. Unfortunately, these opportunities will never come back again. My best bet for you is to enjoy the moment and forget about tomorrow because your political years are numbered. It would be wise of you to give chance to the young and talented individuals for succeeding you as your party leader.

You are propagating civil disobedience because you defended the riot in Kanilai and this motivate similar episodes to be staged which may ultimately lead to a threat to state security. Henceforth, I am calling on your Cousin in politic Honourable Mai Fatty, the Interior Minister to send you warming signals that your political maneuvers have become a cause for concern for the prevalence of peace and tranquility conducive of a country that is struggling to heal the many wounds of more than 22 years of dictatorship. How can any meaningful development take place in a security vulnerable or fragile country.. Absolutely nothing can take place if a country is not politically stable let alone development giving the dynamic nature of the process.

Halifa tell your Jola folks the reality that Yahya Jammeh cannot back and be a president again through rebellion just like how he did the last time, because he is against the principles of UN, AU, and ECOWAS for their uncompromising stance on removing a losing power-hungry dictator from power.

As a person I have nothing against you, in fact you were a beacon of hope for many people when the Coalition was formed of which you have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubts during political campaigns and impasse. Your meddling in silly action by some APRC vagabonds and rank and files will only make you unpopular thus creating more enemies for you. No person or neither a political party is above the law in current democratic dispensation in the Gambia, and therefore rules and regulations of government must be adhered to. If you want to demonstrate get clearance from the designated authorities

In conclusion, the soft approach of Adama Barrow’s government under the delusion of democracy and rule of law is not working thus allowing his political opponents to undermine his authorities by acting and behaving the way they see it fit. If APRC continues to stage riots/ violent strike the best thing to happen is to ban the party completely. The other move that should have been done since the inception of Barrow’s government is the forceful resignation of all heads and deputies of the security apparatuses, permanent secretaries, captains (ceos) of industries and parastatals. They aided the corrupt and brutal regime of Yahya Jammeh in one way or other to say the least. As long as we have former president loyalists in our government they will do any possible within their means to sabotage the efforts of the new government.

I rest my case and thank you.

Lang Barrow



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