From hindsight, I would like to concur with Lamin Joof Jawara’s comment thus: A real mistake. A serous one for that matter. Let’s just wait. The whole coutry wil soon see the mistake. My question now is, where did he go wrong or what has he done? Many other similar voices have been raised about the removal of Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty. For those who are jubilating, I would like to directly address you that there is no cause for celebration in this matter.

A real mistake. A serous one for that matter. Let’s just wait. The whole coutry wil soon see the mistake. My question now is, where did he go wrong or what has he done?
Looking at the events before and after Mai Fatty’s removal, it is obvious that it bears the hallmark of hypocrisy, backstabbing and sycophancy culture. It is not what one does or stands for, but rather what seals a person’s faith is what other people say behind him/her; and the extent of lobbying against the person. These are exactly what we fought against in the previous regime as well as in the first government of independent Gambia. However, it now looks like similar scenarios are coming back.

To start with, many questions can be asked about the person appointed to oversee Mai Fatty’s Ministry. I am on record that he is not only incompetent/inexperienced for the position, but for the fact that he has made his unwillingness to prosecute Solo Sandeng’s NIA killers openly clear, speaks volumes. In fact, his brother also said the same in his recorded conversations with Yankuba Badjie’s wife. It is therefore obvious that it is Ba Tambedou who should be the first to have been dismissed.

The other events which happened following Mai’s removal from office such as the approval of #OccupyWestfield demonstration permit (if true), substantiates my suspicion of hypocrisy, mediocracy, backstabbing and a sycophancy environment. After all, those who have been promoting the #OccupyWestField demonstrations have questionable personalities. They are the “Facebook® experts” if I may quote someone. They are the type of people who go about shouting in online radio stations and Facebook® and quite often making pronouncements or talking about issues which they have very little understanding about. They most of the time cite text books or quotes from Europeans or Americans which cannot in any way or form be applied in Gambia’s or Africa’s situations. Those quotations have been said in completely different contexts and situations.

While I am writing this comment, my 9 year old son asked whether Westfield is where NAWEC’s headquarters is located. So following up on his question, if the #OccupyWestfield organisers wanted to demonstrate against NAWEC, going to NAWEC’s headquarters would have even made more sense. Or at least to go to the Energy Minister’s office.

I am an ardent UDP supporter but I must say that the initiative to remove Mai Fatty from office was not wisely thought. I have serious reservations about it and as Lamin Joof Jawara commented, “let’s just wait.” For Mai Fatty, I would advise him not to take up any other appointment from Adama Barrow’s Government.




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