Women’s right activist Aminata [Mina] Manneh

A University student was arrested after she was accused of spreading police brutality video. Aminata Manneh is still in detention. A colleague human rights activist with Tango, Madi Jobarteh, stood up with the woman affectionately called Mina.

I Stand Up With Mina

“What crime has she committed other than to have helped the police to better themselves by addressing the excesses of this officer beating a child on the street?

Have the police not created a Complaints Unit? And a Human Rights Unit? And a Child Welfare Unit? And a Community Policing unit? Is Minah’s video not enough and an urgent matter for these units to get very busy to ensure that professionalism and civility characterize all the men and women of the force?

Let them please release Minah and address the issue in the video, and avoid more international attention being focused on our Beloved Little Gambia for nothing.

Minah deserves an award for standing up for a Good Gambia. Who should be against that? The police should join her and commend her.

Minah is an angel. Decent. Peaceful. Beautiful. Patriotic. Pious. Easygoing.”

Madi Jobarteh



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