By Yaya Dampha

Ousainou Mbenga is nothing but a misguided soul who goesโ€‹ against the ticking clock. This is why he and his fellow losers have decided to undermine the Barrow government even before it had fully taken charge of affairs. Are they not the same people who first packed their bags and rushed to the Gambia the moment they heard that Yahya Jammeh was sent to exile? They quickly returned to their second base in Dakar after realising that their evil plans to infiltrate and make life unbearable for the new administration have woefully failed. They think once they arrived in Banjul President Adama Barrow was automatically going to appoint them ministers, ambassadors or permanent secretaries so that they can have the opportunity to empty our national coffers from where their caliphs stopped.

For Mbenga to say that the new government betrayed the peopleโ€™s power is a complete misrepresentation of facts and that it must be seen as a statement of deceit, a betrayal and disgruntlement. Ninety-five percent of the people who voted for this coalition government are still very much satisfied, appreciative and very hopeful that the government will take them to the Promised Land. They understand the road is riddled with potholes. These people are the silent majority that is still basking into the fruits of their hard labour: guaranteed dignity, freedoms and liberties. They go to bed with peace of mind and dream positive. Not a single hour passes by without these people returning praises to Allah for helping them got rid of a mad dictator.

We donโ€™t expect the likes of Ousainou Mbenga to be happy. Who expects the man whose mission fails to smile or laugh? Thatโ€™s natural. But being dissatisfied must not be a motivating factor to bend the truth. Thatโ€™s unexpected of an elderly person. I hope Ousainou Mbenga will not take the content of this article personally. Itโ€™s far from a personal attack because intent is plain: tell it as itโ€™sโ€‹.

The Ousainou Mbenga we know has proven to be a loudmouth who schemes behind the scene. What he does in the open and in secret is completely different. Would he deny luring his unsuspecting preys to deviate their course only to end up shooting themselves on the foot? There is a huge difference between activism and undermining; the likes of Mbenga hide behind activism to achieve their ulterior agenda. Because they have something to sell, their best strategy is to mix activism with attention seeking.

Are they not the very ones who tricked and cooked up bad blood between Lamin Waa Juwara, the then firebrand propagandist of the United Democratic Party and Ousainou Darboe. This was done with the ultimate goal of destabilising and weakening the UDP. They have succeeded in leading Juwara astray and supported him form the National Democractic Action Movement (NDAM) only to turn their back on him. NDAM turned out to be the least popular party. What have these evildoers reaped other than nailing the coffin on the once Lion Politicianโ€™s envious political career? What did they do next? Abandoned Juwara soon after realising that the defection would not cease the UDP from spreading tentacles. All they should have done was to first research why UDP members remained solid, despite facing fire left and right. Hamat Bah of the National Reconciliation Party told the unshakable truth when he said โ€œpolitics is all about numbers.โ€ The UDP had and still has the numbers. Any party or person that wants to challenge it must have the numbers. Mbenga and talibes unfollowed Waa when they didnโ€™t see the numbers.

Like Yahya Jammeh, some Gambians too have had their hands dirtied with innocent bloods. Mbengaโ€™s name featured in the kidnapping and execution of Mahawa Cham and Saul Ndow, former parliamentarian and businessman, respectively. It is also alleged that he masterminded and incited Solo Sandeng to protest, the goal being to force Ousainou Darboe on the streets or else become a political liability. Either way, the UDP would bear the brunt. In fact, itโ€™sโ€‹ believed that Ousainoua Mbenga provided the loudspeaker the late Solo Sandeng used for the pro-electoral reform protest that cost him his precious life. Can Mbenga deny that he and collaborators did not convince Solo and others to take to the streets with the promise of energising youths to join them? Letโ€™s do an inventory of the protest. How many of these so-called members took part in the protest? Mbenga lodged Sandeng at a Dakar hotel, gave him the loudspeaker and lied to him that his people from Banjul and Serekunda would join the protesters at Westfield Junction. The man had set up and betrayed Solo Sandeng before throwing him under a fast-speeding bus. Was Mbenga brave enough to clear Ousainou Darboeโ€™s name that he (Darboe) wasnโ€™t aware of the protest machination? Innocent UDP leadership and supporters ended up being rounded up and thrown into the lionโ€™s den. In essence, the Maryland evildoers were responsible for the death of Sandeng, Solo Krummah and Lang Marong. Mbenga who stayed in Dakar and watched events unfolded is now stealing the credit of Darboe and others who sacrificed themselves to set free the country in yokes. We saw these elderly people on cameras being beaten, kicked, insulted and sandwiched into waiting trucks.

While all these were happening the evil plotters were enjoying in their air-conditioned hotel rooms. If they love the country by heart as they claim, one wonders why they did not cross to Banjul to join the daily processions at the high court or ask their family members to be part of it. They left the Struggle in the hands of people who knew nothing about how and why the flames started fuming. Our brothers, sisters, uncles and fathers and mothers traveled from afar: Sandu, Kantora and Basse to join the demonstration once they heard that Solo Sandeng was beaten to death and that Lawyer Darboe, Kemeseng Jammeh, Alh. Momodou Sanneh, and others were publicly beaten and thrown into prison. Some of these upcountry heroes never made it back home. Ebrima Solo Krummah succumbed to torture while many others limp with resulting medical problems.

Ousainou Mbenga is right that Gambia Has Decided even though they dislike how it was decided. He is also right that no one will allow a return to the PPP era or 22 years of Jammeh rule. Yes we will never allow that. The Barrow government doesnโ€™t want us to trek on either past roads. But one thing that is clear is the peopleโ€™s willingness to meet halfway with anyone who is bent on destabilising the Gambia. Whether you have four cornered grey haired head doesnโ€™t matter. If you talk Gambians will talk. They will write when you write. They will take up arms and fight for their freedom when you do. The fight continues until evildoers respect and see others as equals and not theirย dome toubabย [doll]. In case they donโ€™t know, let someone tell them that their bragging hasnโ€™t moved Gambians. Tabaa bung bang yekumofo [call spade a spade and stop beating about the bush].



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