President Adama Barrow has lifted the administrative leave of the Managing Director of Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC). Mr. Muhammadou Manjang was sent on administrative leave after employees of the corporation launched protest, accusing him of mismanagement, nepotism and favouritism. The chaotic situation had compelled President Barrow to set up anย Independent Fact-Finding/Investigative Panel task with looking into the the SSHFC crisis. The panel, led by Momodou Samateh, submitted its report and recommendations to President Barrow in October after three months of fact-finding mission. The report exonerated Mr. Manjang.

Having closely reviewed the report, President Barrow has lifted Mr. Muhamadou Manjang’s leave. Mr. Manjang will be duly notified in writing by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (the line Ministry) to resume duties.

In a statement, the President has also with immediate effect terminated the services of Mr. Momodou Camara. He wants the termination to be compliant with corporate policy.

President Barrow ordered “the Board of Directors of the Corporation to receive further advice on the staff that were culpable in the saga and who have to be subject to disciplinary actions in line with the panelโ€™s recommendations.”

He also ordered the Board of Social Security through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs to be provided with the Recommendations of the Panelโ€™s Report for adoption and full implementation.


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