Gambians mourn the untimely death of former Aide de Camp at State House. Major Kalifa Bajinka died in a Boston hospital in Massachusetts on Monday.

Major Bajinka, who was born in Brikama town in 1969, reportedly died of chronic pneumonia. He was survived by two wives and several children.

Bajinka started his military career with the defunct Gambia National Gendarmerie before switching to the Gambia National Army. He had worked closely with the ousted Gambian President Yahya Jammeh since 1994 when the military forced former President Dawda Jawara from office. Major Bajinka had served as Jammeh’s ADC for five years but the duo felt out. Bajinka was later sent for officer’s training in Nigeria. And upon return, he had resisted arrest and fled the Gambia after the government planned to link him to the March 21st, 2006 foiled coup. Bajinka would not accept to be arrested, detained and possibly tortured for a crime he had not committed. He fled to Senegal and sought refuge before leaving for the United States.

Bajinka’s death has shocked Gambians as evidenced by the outpouring of messages of condolences on the social media. Many people described Kalifa Bajinka as a highly respected military officer. His piety was not questioned either.

“Bajinka has high regards for even his critics, I remember my arguments with him. He remains civil throughout. I’m saddened by Bajinka’s death. I knew him since we were in Nusrat,” Lamin Tunkara told Kairo News.

May his soul and all those who died him rest in Eternal Bliss.



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