Nigerian JudThis letter is a religious and elderly advice to Justice Eunice O. Dada.

Madam Justice Dada,

You are a woman, a mother and a sister. You know very well that torture is unlawful in our constitution. You also know that the April 14th protesters were severely tortured and one of them died as result others carry sequels in their bodies for life. GOD is watching. The April 16th protesters lead by Senior and Respectable Lawyer Oussainou Darboe went out because they have the right to protest and demand justice for their party members. Whence their arrest and assignment to your court after Justice Otaba recused himself from the case. We have heard the reactions of Justice Otaba, which underscored his uneasiness in handling such a high profile political case, which we all know should not have been brought to court in the first place. The underlying cause of both the April 14th and 16th cases are as result of demands for electoral reforms, a legitimate demand and the constitutional right of the protesters to make their voice heard. Needless to dwell on the electoral reforms, all of us know that President Jammeh ignored the 13-point electoral reform demands with contempt, which was address to the IEC since early 2015.

Instead of addressing the issues in a democratic and consensual manner, President Jammeh and the IEC ignored the demands and went ahead to institute more draconian electoral laws in the parliament making it tougher for political participation in the democratic process. This is essence is the utter contemptuous behavior known of Jammeh since 1994 when he and his comrades made a coup d’état against a democratically elected government.

Had not been this coup d’état Yaya Jammeh would NEVER be a president of the Gambia.

Now Madam Justice Dada, can you take just a minute and put yourself on the shoes of the people put before you to deliver justice? They could have been your fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters of the same BLOOD. What would you do? How would you feel? Will money move you to deliver injustice? NO. Madam Justice, you are very young and have a long way to go in the fulfillment of your professional career and this particular case will be in your files for the rest of your LIFE. Is the money or inducement or promises from Yaya Jammeh known worldwide and also by you to be a brutal man who would not hesitate to torture arrested people against the laws of the lands and sometimes to DEATH worth it? Whatever good this inducement will serve you today, will be a nuisance to you tomorrow, to your career file and your conscience for the rest of your life?

GOD did not create you by mistake; He created you for a purpose and a mission on earth. No matter how long you live, you will be accountable to HIM both here and in the hereafter. Inside you and all of us, there are two conflicting tendencies, one pulling you in the right direction and the other pulling you in the wrong direction. At the end of day it will one person called Justice Dada that will face the consequences of your decisions. Learned religious scholars know that GOD has given the Judge and the Medical Doctor special attention, for they can end or make survive the sacred LIFE he has created brought before you.

You are therefor called to use wise, lawful and Godly counsel to deliver your judgment, without fear or favor or ill will as sworn in an oath of office.

You will be surely asked to account today and tomorrow. It is for the above reasons that your predecessor Justice Otaba recuses himself from the case for he does not want to carry the burden of the sins asked to be committed in delivering injustice in the place of justice. Knowing fully well that an executive order from above will influence his conscience and decision, he preferred to take GOD instead of MAN. What will you do now Madam Dada? The ball is in your court. GOD is watching you.

Madam, we have seen people who had 100’s of houses, millions of dollars and power in their lives and end up loosing all and became destitute. The simple reason for such is the heavy SINS committed by such people which GOD use as examples for those that reflect and do GOOD or BAD. With your age you cannot tell us you have not seen such scenarios in your life.

Madam Justice Dada, neither Yaya Jammeh nor monies or pride are worth delivering INJUSTICE to a people who are innocent before you. This will come back to HUNT you up to your grave, be you in the Gambia, Nigeria or elsewhere around the world for GOD is everywhere.

Take heed before it’s too late. I am simply a warner and an advisor to your conscience.

Thank you for your attention.

I rest my case.

Deyda Haidara



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