pixlrThe senior wife of the Gambia’s remanded opposition leader of the United Democratic Party has told his husband’s untold story. This is a story Lawyer Ousainou Darboe has never made public.

“I want Gambians and the world to know that Ousainou Darboe is an honest and upright person, a person who values and respects human dignity and believes in justice. But he is also a man who hates injustice,” Mai Ndure-Darboe said.

She explained how her husband refused to betray justice in his early years of his career at Justice Ministry. Mr. Darboe resigned as the Administrator of Curator’s office after a brawl with his boss who wanted him to bend the law in someone’s favour. He refused flatly and told his boss “I’ll strictly follow the law,” much to the anger of his boss. The now deceased boss asked why Ousainou would embarrass him in public. But Darboe’s reply was that he was asked in public.”

The boss refused to assign Ousainou any responsibility after the brawl. “Darboe would go to work and deal with an empty desk. He couldn’t withstand the humiliation and quickly tendered resignation,” Mai said.

Upon hearing the news, former President invited Ousainou to state house asking him to explain what exactly happened. Sir Dawoda Jawara wanted Ousainou to rescind his resignation until he completed investgation. Mr. Darboe appreciated Jawara’s efforts. “As a noble Ousainou said he could not tweak his words, more so work under the same corrupt boss. He said he might come back to work for the government in a different capacity. What I’m saying is the fact, Sir Dawda is still alive. He can deny if my statement is incorrect.”

Mai remains a solid rock of Ousainou Darboe, the husband “who has never put tears on our cheeks. In his Eid message, Ousainou praised me and Sally for standing by him during this very challenging and trying time. But I think we are the ones who should praise a husband who has never put tears on our cheeks. Throughout our marriage with him, Ousainou Darboe stood by us – in times of good and bad. We cannot therefore pay such a kind husband. Only Allah can reward him. As the saying goes: goodness must be rewarded with goodness,” Mai said.

“Ousainou we stand by you. You’ve prepared us that you’d be locked up. Whatever the case, we’re proud of you and will stand by you and your colleagues who want to uplift suffering for every Gambians, including women, youths and elders. The Gambia will triumph no matter how long it takes.

“Yaya Jammeh should know that the power he is abusing belongs to the people. Gambians have had their eyes opened. We’ve seen skyrocketing of basic food in the country. Let Yaya Jammeh understand that the opposition is only his opponent but not his enemy,” Mai said. She said Jammeh’s enemies are his torturers and cabinet ministers. “If the cabinet wants truth to prevail they should advise you on your thuggery. They clap for you in the open but do different thing behind your back. Your problem is that those working for you do not want anything good for you and the country.”



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