Mr Alhaji Kurang came up with very serious/alarming accusations and revelations regarding the operations of the Commission. As the Secretary to the Commission who is supposed to be responsible for its operational or administrative matters, it is his duty to try to address them or bring them to the attention of relevant authorities where his attempts to address them could not succeed. What the authorities should have done was to thoroughly investigate the allegations first rather than saying that “Mr Alhaji Kurang, made a number of unsubstantiated allegations against Counsel Amie Bensouda.” When I read Mr Kurang’s letter, it appears that he provided documentation evidences (in the form attachments/enclosures) to support some of his allegations.

I am on record to have said that the way this Commission was instituted had several flaws and I am being proved correct with these revelations. If these revelations are valid, the enforcement of the findings of the Commission can be very difficult in any fair and genuine court of law.

Mr Abubacarr Tambadou’s statement that “Mr Kurang acted beyond the confines of his administrative authority which was principally to execute the orders of the Commission and not to question the wisdom or motivations underpinning those orders” is an insult to Gambians and can only promote a culture of forced silence and for that matter bad practices, corruption, impunity, nepotism and favouritism in government. Any bona fide citizen of the country can bring to light such malpractices not to mention the fact that Mr Kurang is the official designated “Secretary” to the body. From the contents of the letter, Mr Kurang is not necessarily questioning the wisdom of the Commission. He has largely pointed out administrative and operational matters which are within his rights to do.

The allegations made by Alhaji Kurang must be investigated as they are unethical, unprofessional and potentially illegal. Proper “Investigations” should have been the first step but not to abruptly terminate his contract for doing what are within his democratic rights and technically within his duties and responsibilities as the Secretary to the Commission. If Mr Kurang decides to take legal actions for the wrongful termination of his contract, it can have very serious implications for the Government.

Morro Touray



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