For the first time in its close to four years of existence [inaugurated on February 18th 2014], Kairo News has become a punching bag left and right for publishing a story whose authenticity has been questioned. For the purpose of setting the records straight, the government insider’s article had already circulated on social media before Kairo News laid hands on it. In line with Kairo News editorial policy, stories have to be corroborated or verified before they go to bed. There were times when it took us days and weeks trying to get to the bottom of a human interest story. Most of them got trashed for failing editorial test.

Like any media outlet, Kairo News too depends on sources whose scoops have proven to be right. These sources of information have become reliable and dependable. They have in the past provided us with unquestionable stories and articles of evidence that have added value and meaning to our work. This doesn’t mean these sources are infallible. Like any human, they too err. That’s why we try to corroborate their scoops, the ultimate goal being to publish factual news items to our deserving readership. Thanks to their genuine efforts, we cannot remember running a rejoinder. We still debated and questioned the insider’s article even though two of our sources have confirmed its veracity. Since the government was economical with reasons for relieving Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty, Kairo News contacted Mr. Fatty to no avail. The story was then published with the expectation that Mr. Fatty would provide his side of the story.

Now that both Mai and Semlex have denied the insider’s allegations, Kairo News will not shy away from writing its first ever rejoinder. And in line with journalistic tradition, editors and publishers swallow their pride and correct a story and where necessary, say sorry. In that regard, Kairo News apologises to Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty for any inconveniences the article might have caused to him, friends and family members. If Minister Mai Fatty was brave enough to apologise to a young reporter, who are not to do the same?

We wish to assure all Gambians that Kairo News team will, at all times, strive for excellence. Those who have been following us know that our style of journalism, which may not be perfect, is devoid of sensationalism or mudslinging. Together we can build a vibrant democracy, human rights and the rule of law. No democracy is complete without a vibrant press.

Issued by Kairo News Editorial Board
November 15th 2017



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