pixlrIt has been 91 days since opposition political activist Ebrima Solo Sandeng was tortured to death by Gambian security agents, yet the government remains tight-lipped on how and why he died or who participated in the cold-blooded murder. The Jammeh regime that has innocent Gambian blood on its hands only provided scanty information on the murder of the Gambia’s Steve Biko who died less than two weeks after being elected the Organising Secretary of the United Democratic Party.

In a court affidavit, the government said Mr. Sandeng died of resuscitation. This leaves a lot of room for questions: why was he hurriedly buried which contradicts constitutional requirement a Coroner’s Inquest should determine the cause of the death of those in state custody? What happened to Solo before he needed resuscitation? Why was he mot taken to the hospital? So many unanswered questions have only flared tempers as well added petrol to a rising fire. Majority of Gambians agree that the government should have come clean on Solo Sandeng story, prosecute and punish those found culpable. Offering apology and compensation to the Sandeng family and release all those detained in connection to his death would be the beginning of healing and ultimately closure. But dictators are natural cowards who fear the consequences of admitting fault that’s why Yahya Jammeh chose not to go that route.

However, what the government cannot succeed is to remain sitting on such a public interest news, especially in this Smart phone Era. Besides, Solo Sandeng’s brutal murder and sentencing of opposition leadership and supporters have since changed the dynamic in the country. Even security agents cannot shut up. That’s why some spy agents have decided to leak the names of thugs who tortured Solo to death, beat and raped women protesters on April 15.

Contrary to widespread belief, not a single member of Junglers or Black Black (Yahya Jammeh’s killer machine squad) was involved in the fatal tortured. All of these work for the National Intelligence Agency. In fact, some of them are errand boys who only provide information to the agency. These murderers who have enjoyed official indemnity are walking on the streets with pride while Solo’s remains rest under a cashew tree at the NIA outpost at in Kombo North.

Below are the names of people who participated in April 15 torture, rape and murder:

Saihou Jeng (alias Sir Jeng), Director of Operations,

Bojang Director of Technical Affairs 

Jebel Director 

Ebou Sanyang (alias Jet Li) orderly or informant to Louis Gomez, deputy DG

Malang Sonko, boy boy (errand boy) to DG Yankuba Badjie  

Lamin Badjie 

Ebou Jammeh

Buba Colley

Timothy Colley

Ansu Trawally

Saikou Sanneh

Alieu Badjie

Yankuba Colley

Saloum Colley



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