Ebrima Jawara is determined to massage Jammeh’s ego, no matter what!

President Yahya Jammeh last week moved Ebrima Jawara to the Office of the President at State House without providing details.

He is replaced by Ousman Jammeh, the Director General of the Agriculture Ministry.

Until his redeployment, Mr. Jawara was the Permanent Secretary at the Agriculture Ministry. He had earlier worked at the Office of President where he started his witch-hunt monitoring and evaluation team.

Mr. Jawara’s new job has to do with overseeing President Jammeh’s so-called 2016 activities, aimed at declaring the Gambia hungry-free. “It’s here that Ebrima set up the monitoring team,” our source said.

Kairo News sources have been trailing Mr. Jawara and will not therefore leave any stone unturned in our efforts to extract the chaff from the wind.

Mr. Jawara is reported to have harassed and threatened a team of police and NIA investigators that exonerated indicted Agriculture Ministry officials. This is contained in a report the government has been hiding from the public, our sources said. The security report is a far cry from the bogus one Ebrima Jawara had been writing to President Jammeh. “His reports were honoured by President Jammeh without question,” State House source said.

Our sources said Mr. Jawara’s impromptu and unexplained deployment was exacerbated by a story
Kairo News carried last week. “President Jammeh wants Mr. Jawara to come close to him so he can use him before the duo falls apart,” a source alleged. “Jawara is likely going back to his witch hunt exercise.”

Before his deployment, the son of former President Dawda Jawara is reported to have casued a lot of problems for his co-workers. He is accused of assigning unqualified people to be in charge of some projects, much to the anger of donors.



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