JammehGambian opposition parties have been alerted to expect the road to the December 1st general election to be somehow bumpy, top security sources tell Kairo News. Yahya Jammeh, our sources add, is a paranoid leader who is not yet prepared for an opposition victory. For him, an opposition election victory will turn the clock on him. Mr. Jammeh has therefore summoned meetings with his allies in the security forces (the army, police and secret agents), sampling their opinions on what must be done for him to remain in office. Since he (Jammeh) cannot deal with the noise arising from state-sponsored brutality, he has hatched tactical plots aimed at slowing down or detailing the opposition campaign. One of the plots is for the police to ground vehicles used by opposition on campaign trail on the pretext that they have not acquired 2017 registration license. “This is not a laughing matter or a joke,” our sources add, urging the opposition to be ahead of the game by registering the vehicles they expect to campaign with before hand. “The man (Jammeh) is desperate, for he knows Gambians want their souls back. So it is a matter of exploring every avenue necessary to hold on to power. Like all dictators, Yahya Jammeh too is weakened by exposure because that leaves him vulnerable,” our source says, promising to tell Gambians the truth behind Yahya Jammeh’s banning of female genital mutilation. “I’m almost done with my investigation on the issue. Gambians will be surprised why a man who insulted anti-FGM activists has taken a dramatic U-turn.” One top security source says they too don’t want Jammeh to win the polls. “That’s why I’m leaking his hatched plot against the opposition. Like any ordinary, we too want a leader who does not govern with emotion, hatred or iron-fist.”



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